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5 day juice and smoothie detox


I hope everyone is well.

I just thought tonight I would give you a little update as to how my detox is going.

We need a Juicer!

So I bought a new juicer AND the Nutribullet. Actually, I was VERY lucky to have been treated by my hubby and children for Mother’s Day. Good investments I think! My old Kenwood has certainly been put to use over the last 18 months and I felt he had seen better days. I have always lusted after a Vitamix….the best of the best, and Mr Ttsyi very kindly offered to go for the Vitamix as he knows how much I’ve yearned for one. However, I’d heard so much about how fabulous the Nutribullet is, as had Mark (Mr Ttsyi). I followed them on twitter for a while and saw all of the great tweets and feedback they were getting. So in the end we decided to give one a very loving home. I shall be putting him to good use and I’ll report back to you on how he’s doing. As for the Philip’s juicer. Couldn’t be happier. Fabulous piece of machinery!

Day 1

Day one didn’t get off to the best start. We both had about 3 broken hours sleep the night before. The boy had his immunisations the day before and consequently had a high temperature that night and was not at all happy. A game of musical beds played out. That first morning waking up with a headache and sore eyes had me wanting a sugar hit. Something stodgy and naughty that I know has no nutritional benefits. But I stuck with it. I had my warm water with lemon followed by my first juice of the day. It was green. It was tantalisingly tasty. It was love at first sip. Within half an hour I’d forgotten the previous night and couldn’t wait for my next juice at midday. Sitting down for lunch with the children had tempting moments. I won’t lie. As most mum’s will know this is when you need to think about what you’re doing. I try very hard not to pick at the leftovers, but this has probably been a downfall of mine, ever since I’ve had children. I made it through and sipped on another delicious juice. Officially addicted now. We kept busy and I found myself not really feeling hungry but just looking forward to the next taste extravaganza!

Day 2

Day 2 was off to a great start. 7 hours of sleep the night before. I was positively flying! Get me to my juicer now. I felt really great and not in the slightest bit hungry at all. The juices were energising and I loved drinking down all of the fresh nutrients, knowing that they were really delivering so much goodness to my body. Then came the afternoon slump and a headache. To be expected really. It’s a detox hey?! I dialled Mr Ttsyi. He felt the same. It’s all good. We’re ridding ourselves of toxins. We had our “Garden Party” juice that night and later we sipped on peppermint tea. My tummy is definitely less bloated.

Day 3

Today has been a good day. I’ve enjoyed all of my juices and know that these will now be another additional thing to my lifestyle that I won’t falter on. As I said before. I am pretty healthy. Thanks really to Mel and all of the other links I found through her. I had just found myself picking up some bad habits that I needed to address, and to concentrate more on my good habits again. It feels good to be back on the track and to know that Mel is only a text or what’s app away. I’ve been busy all day and haven’t really thought about food until early evening. Then I was really craving a hot meal. Nothing bad. A nut cutlet with broccoli and hot sauce. Not bad as far as cravings go really. Probably because it’s been rainy and cold, because had it been glorious sunshine I’d have wanted the juice. I had some warm water and lemon followed by a peppermint tea- to satisfy the need for warmth. Then I made our evening juices and put hands to keys to write this. As I’m writing this I’m over my hunger again. I’ll indulge myself in another peppermint tea after this.

All in all I think it’s going well so far.

Health Food Shop haul

Detox aside. I went online the other day and found myself a health food store to order some goodies from. I already have a stash of chia seeds and other things like spirulina, wheatgrass, and chlorella. I needed to replenish my raw cacoa powder though, and I ordered an array of other goodies like raw organic dark chocolate (for treats), a huge bag of quinoa, seeds, pea protein powder and hemp protein powder. Then today I swung by Holland and Barrett for nuts and dried fruits. The ingredients for all the raw baking I’m planning to indulge my family in. You can check out the health food shop HERE.

Supplements Update

I know I did a blog on supplements I like to take and why. Well today I cleared out my supplements cupboard to house all of the baking and snack goodies. I decided to ditch some of the things I was taking and purely concentrate on getting pretty much everything I need from my food. Taking supplements can end up being quite costly and remembering to take everything doesn’t always happen. So, I’ve held onto my vit C effervescent for times of real need. I’ve kept my MSM (although haven’t taken any in a short while). I’ve also kept my remaining fish oils, although with daily doses of chia and flaxseed I shouldn’t need them. Other than that I’ve decided that the one thing I’ll stick with is my Imedeen. I haven’t been taking them long but they have a glowing reputation amongst many models, celebrities and the general public. I’ve stolen an idea from someone else’s blog and are now storing them on my shelf next to my skincare products. This way I can pop my two tablets every night as part of my routine and I won’t forget.

A new product is coming

Pssst! Guess what?! We have a new cleanser on its way. It’s a cream cleanser for those of you that prefer a cream-and it smells of zesty fresh lemons mmmmmmm. Look out for it on the website very soon.

Chat soon lovelies.



2 Responses to 5 day juice and smoothie detox

  1. Laura_Caraher / Reply

    April 12, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    Hi Katy your so lucky to get treated to a Nutribullet, I tried dropping hints to my worse half at Christmas but he didn’t pick up on them so I think I will just have to treat myself. I look forward to reading about your progress x

  2. Michelle Levesque / Reply

    April 5, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Hi Katy, Such a real life story…something I can relate to. I started juicing about 2 yrs. ago and have found it makes me feel wonderful when I can stick to it. As a wife and mother of 2, I stray often and get back because I see the difference in my attitude and skin. Good luck with your juicing! I look forward to reading your blog and I appreciate the inspiration…
    P.S. Just started using the NCN and wow!

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