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Manuka Honey Had Me Spinning

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. It was my little boys birthday today, we’ve had such a lovely day celebrating at home and then celebrating the Christening of a friends baby girl!

Anyway let’s get to the post! Manuka Honey. The honey that hails from New Zealand, is amazing for a whole list of ailments, tastes amazing and costs a lot. That is what we’re talking about today.

So Arthur (my little boy) has had a bit of a niggling chesty cough for a couple of weeks, and actually so have I. Not wishing to run off to the Dr and preferring the option of a natural medicine, I decided to invest in some Manuka honey.

So first things first a little research about it and it seems that the UMF is the important part. This is the Unique Manuka Factor. It is a grading system that identifies the purity and natural properties of the manuka honey. Below is a list of the grading:

The UMF quality trademark ranges from 5 upwards:

  •   0-4  Not detectable
  •   5-9  Low levels
  • 10-15 Useful levels
  • 16+   Superior high grade levels

I was going to go for a 15-20 but on speaking with the lady in Holland & Barrett she advised no more than a 10 for Arthur as he was so young. I didn’t really understand why necessarily but went with it anyway as she seemed to know a lot about Manuka honey. £30, the most I’ve ever spent on a pot of honey but I was excited to think this would sort us out and kick out these coughs!

Hide The Manuka
After a long a battle of hiding it in the middle of yoghurt, mixing it in warm milk and spreading it on toast, I finally managed to get some into Arthur, yay! Then I decided to have some on toast myself. Within an hour or two I felt awful, jittery, as though I’d had 5 cups of coffee, heart palpitations, headache…the works. I just couldn’t believe that it was the amazing honey making me feel this way. It was awful! In the evening I tried a little on a slice of toast that Arthur had left and within half an hour I had a pounding headache and could feel my heart racing again. So it seems Manuka and I can’t be friends in this way.

Yes You Can Apply It!
However, I’ve found some other great uses for it. I had a little spot (yes I do get the odd one occasionally), Manuka put on a spot will have it gone by the morning! Amazing stuff for that. I even popped some in a pot for a friend in spot strife and delivered it at the school gates. It also makes an amazing face mask and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and nourished. Arthur’s cough also seems much better, so all is not lost.

By the way, has anyone else ever had a reaction like this before? Please feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Currently drinking Kimberly Snyder’s immunity tea instead.

Wishing you all a great week ahead.

Love Katy

Multi-Active Accelerator Cream…The Complexion Transformer

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well and having a fabulous week so far! How amazing is it to see all of the beautiful flowers coming out?! I’m really loving my little girls appreciation for the flowers too! And the sunshine….it just lifts the mood even higher and puts that spring in the step. People just look happier. Just a gentle reminder….don’t forget to put your SPF cream on daily, and not just when it’s sunny.

A longest running top seller
I’d like to talk to you today about NCN’s longest running top seller…the very effective, Multi-Active Accelerator Cream. This cream is amazing for crepey skin, lines and wrinkles, a lack of firmness, uneven tone and for skin that just feels and looks as though it’s lacking that certain something. It transforms skin, and that’s not just my words! The proof is in the pudding, or should I say, in the complexion. Clients of Ttsyi & NCN often report almost instantaneous differences in how their skin looks and feels. It is also a HUGE seller for us!

An absolute powerhouse formula
You may think it looks quite a simple pot of cream. NCN’s pots and bottles aren’t there to look pretty. These guys mean business! They protect and house what can only be described in my words as ‘ Magical Powerhouse Formulas‘.

Nourish your skin
The Multi-Active Accelerator cream is crammed full of actives and peptides that will feed your skin the most nourishing ingredients and leave you wondering how you ever coped without it. It was actually my very first purchase from NCN several years ago and I’ve never been without it since.

Firstly it’s worth mentioning that this cream contains all of the same actives and peptides as the Multi-Active Peptide Matrixyl Serum 25%. This includes all 3 of the Matrixyl family of peptides. Matrixyl, Matrixyl 3000 and Matrixyl Synthe 6. It does also have some additional ingredients that I think you’ll like the sound of.

DMAE Bitartrate: Often referred to as the ‘instant facelift’..who wouldn’t like that? Other benefits include, reducing lines and wrinkles, reducing photodamage, firming the skin and it is also an antioxidant.

MSM: This wondrous active ingredient supplies the skin with the sulphur it needs to make healthy collagen. It improves cell wall respiration, moving oxygen and nutrients into cells and waste toxins out. It reduces scar tissue, reduces wrinkles, brown spots and uneven tone, and generally improves the condition of your skin.

Pearl Powder: Pearl Powder has been used by Asian women for centuries and they swear it’s why their skin is so clear and beautiful. Nanci tested several and found the highest quality available for this cream. It is made from freshwater pearls and has 26 readable amino acids that heal and maintain cells in the human body. It also has a high level of protein and calcium. Amino acids are absolutely essential for cell renewal and healthy collagen. The benefits you’ll reap from using this are, more radiant skin, a more even tone, smaller tighter pores, reduced redness, and an overall healthier looking complexion.

Oat Beta Glucan: This active helps in really moisturising the skin. It stimulates collagen production, is very healing for the skin, and it is also film-forming. This means it helps to lock that moisture in and protect your skin.

Carrot Seed Oil: Carrot Seed Oil is incredibly nourishing for the skin. It tightens the skin, rejuvenates it and really adds a lustre and glow to more mature skin types.

You’ll also find other goodies such as, Organic Aloe Juice (another one of Mother Nature’s miracles), Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil & Jojoba Oil and NO chemical nasties. NCN don’t do those!

It’s worth noting that for oilier skin types, it can be used, but as a night cream only would be advisable.

If you’d like to find out more you can pop over to our product page.

I hope the rest of the week is a good one for you!

Chat soon.

An Organic Golden Elixir of Pure Nourishment & Elegance


I hope that you’re all well and had a fantastic weekend, and that you’ve had a great start to a new week of endless possibilities….Monday is a great day! I hope you all have a truly beautiful week.

I realise it’s been a bit quiet on the blog…..there is so much going on at Treat the Skin You’re In HQ. I’m in the process of getting lots of videos filmed for the website and for NCN’s website….I’m also working on some other bits too that I think you will love! There is some exciting news coming in the newsletter……I think you’ll be very happy!

Plant Power
Anyway tonight I’d like to talk to you about the NCN Corrective Face Oil Cocktail. I think that with so many amazing actives out there in cosmeceutical skincare, for eg Matrixyl, Retinol, Copper peptide… the power of plants, pure and simple, can sometimes be a little sidelined. I’m here to remind you of how amazing they are and how they are a great addition to your regime.

I love love love what this oil does and how it makes my skin feel!

Skin Food
This oil is silky smooth, golden and highly nutritious food for your skin. It contains 8 beautiful organic oils that are blended together to make the most divine, luxurious, elegant, treat for your skin. Trust me when I say that your skin will thank you for it. Try and imagine your skin drinking this in and absorbing every drop of goodness as you sleep!

I find that when I use this oil in the evening I really wake up to skin that is plumped up and feels velvety soft to the touch.

The ingredients are as follows:

Organic Tamanu Oil
Organic Argan Oil
Organic Rosehip Oil
Organic Squalane
Organic Hazelnut Oil
Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil
Organic Carrot Seed Oil
Organic Geranium Essential Oil

Each of these ingredients has its own list of skin health benefits.

If you’d like to read more about these benefits then you can pop over to the write up HERE.

Chat soon!


A Green Drink to Rejuvenate you

Hello beautiful friends!

Firstly let me apologise for not posting on here last week. Secondly I’d like to just say a big thank you for all of the support and lovely feedback that you give to me. I’m truly grateful for every kind word and nothing makes me happier than hopefully inspiring you, or introducing you to a new amazing product or tip that you might love!! You’re all fabulous!

Today is a post to introduce you to something I’ve been drinking for almost two weeks now. It’s green. It’s packed full of goodness and contains two of my favourite green super powders! It is versatile and energising. It is EverGreen by Rejuveme.

What really resonated with me about EverGreen was the story behind it. I do love a story behind a brand! This was formulated by a Dr – Dr Lakhveer Manku.

A working mum of two toddlers, in her thirties, feeling tired, physically and mentally drained although she is an active person. She decided to research how she could feel more energised using natural ingredients.

EverGreen was the result of this research. Plant based and chemical free….I like this! EverGreen is rich in key antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are needed for healthy skin, hair and nails.

What’s in it?
The two key ingredients that are already in my cupboards are Spirulina and Matcha Green Tea. I love both of these individually for their energising properties and nutritional value. Also included are Barley Grass, Pine Bark Extract and natural sweetener, Stevia. There is actually a blog post on Pine Bark Extract on the Rejuveme website. It explains how supplementation of this ingredient results in improved elasticity, hydration and quality of skin. This is a ‘treat from within’ product that will really support your skin’s health and support your skincare products in performing to their best.

My conclusion
All in all I think that EverGreen is a wonderful and hugely beneficial product to have in your cupboards. As advised by Dr Lakhveer Manku, I have been having my daily drink just after lunch as I tend to hit my wall of tiredness around 5-6pm. It has certainly helped me through this. So much so that despite my good intentions of earlier nights I’m still going to bed a little later than I would like. Although this week my little Arthur has decided to start sleeping until almost 7am! I really hope I’m not jinxing it by putting that on here! LOL. I’m actually drinking my EverGreen right now. It only seemed right to drink it and have it by my computer as I write this. I mix mine up with almond milk, but you can mix it with water, coconut milk, coconut water….as I said before it is versatile. I guess you could even blend it in a smoothie or juice too. I’ve also enjoyed it warm like a matcha green tea latte….something I used to see during my travelling days when visiting Hong Kong and Japan. I wasn’t the same me years ago though and wouldn’t have been excited by a green drink unless it was laced with alcohol and had an exotic sounding name! Times have changed, not just for me. I think there has been a huge shift in attitude towards diet and lifestyle. It’s amazing!

Oh I almost forgot! One serving of this is the equivalent of drinking 5 cups of green tea a day. Which means I am now drinking the equivalent of around 10 a day as I still drink my green tea all day too.

Green face!
I’m actually looking at this and thinking that this would also make a fantastic face mask! Mixed to a paste with water and applied to the skin…..I’m trying this tonight and I will report back to you.

Things I’m grateful for this week (and always) are:

Deliciously Ella’s recipe book……I love this book! Thank you Ella!
Cuddles and inspirations from the little people in my life.
Family. Always. It goes without saying but it’s good to say it.

Chats with friends, old and new.
Mr Ttsyi who plays a huge part in ‘Treat the Skin You’re In’.
Nanci of NCN Pro Skincare and being able to do what I love… helping people with their skin!
All of YOU! for your support, custom, friendship and loyalty. 

The list could actually go on and on…...What are you truly grateful for this week? One of my favourite sayings has to be ‘Gratitude is the best attitude’.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.




On a journey to pure zen

Hello my friends,

Here we are again at Thursday. The weeks are whizzing by! I hope you’re all having a lovely week full of positivity and good things. If you’re not, just remember that tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities!

Today I really want to talk about meditation, the benefits of meditation and how I’m making it a part of my daily life. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Let’s get meditating!
I’m wondering if any of you meditate……perhaps with full intent daily or perhaps weekly….Or maybe you meditate without even particularly realising it (there is such a thing as moving meditation). I think that was always my regular form of practice before now. You see my house is full of noise and chaos on a daily basis and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but I do love silence at times. I like the radio off, Mr Ttsyi likes it on…loud! I enjoy being in a quiet peaceful place and just listening to nothing, just the sounds of nature. I need it! It re-energises me. I crave that calm.

So as I progress further on my own spiritual journey I decided that this year I would absolutely make time for meditation. It wouldn’t be that thing I always talked about wanting to do, but something I do. Not easy! Time is tight, but I’ll find a way. I decided this when the Oprah and Deepak meditations I signed up for before Christmas remained unopened in my inbox, well I opened the first one but after being interrupted in the first 5 mins I decided that life was too busy and put it on the ‘2015 backburner’. I’m now very blessed to attend something weekly where meditation is a large part and it is what I can only describe as pure zen (also the name of one of my fave Mac lipsticks).

Treating the skin we’re in
Treating the skin you’re in is not literally just treating the skin. It’s treating every element of you. Your mind, body, spirit. It’s about you being as happy and healthy as possible inside and out. This is a huge factor of skin health. If we can make small changes every day towards being a happier and healthier person then we will glow from the inside out. Absolutely the products that we sell on here are beyond amazing in my opinion, that’s why we sell them and recommend them! But if you’re not eating well, sleeping well or taking care of yourself in other ways, they can only take your skin health so far. Being realistic there will be times in life when we all have imbalances due to circumstance. I said in one of my recent blog posts that I was planning to go to bed earlier and being completely honest it just isn’t happening right now despite the good intentions!

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of meditation and why if you’re not doing it now it would be great to include it in your life.

It helps to decrease anxiety
It brings a sense of calm and happiness
It gives you more clarity and focus
It helps you to switch off from the noise
It’s time for YOU
It aids better sleep
It decreases stress & depression
It decreases pain
It increases positive emotions
It improves memory

Seriously, do we need any more reasons?? 

How you can incorporate it into your life
If you think that you can’t sit still and switch off properly then why not just try relaxing in the bath with a candle, either silently or with music. Before you go to sleep just lay in bed for a few minutes and practise deep breathing. I do both of these and have done for years without thinking of it being meditation. Also you can try moving meditation….go for a walk without the distraction of a phone, be present with that moment and nature. Enjoy your surroundings. I didn’t actually realise the art of moving meditation until recently. Now I know why I love to go running and switch off into my own world. It really clears my head like nothing else (although I haven’t been great at getting out on these cold dark nights). Bring on the Springtime now!!

So if you’re not already (knowingly) meditating, I hope you’re tempted to give it a go…

Below you’ll find a couple of useful links to do with meditation:

10 unexpected ways to meditate

Meditation for beginners:20 tips

On that note I’m going to do a meditation on my lunch break.

Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back next week.



The skin benefits of CoQ10

Hello you lovely lot!

I hope that you’re all well and have a lovely weekend ahead planned.

Yay! I’m managing to write my blog on a Friday! Back on schedule and being a busy bee planning lots of fabulous things for ‘Treat the Skin You’re In’ and ultimately for you!

Today’s post is about the supplement CoQ10. I started taking this several weeks ago and fully intend to keep it in my supplement stash.

I want to really talk about the benefits of using this for the skin, although it does have other benefits and I’ll touch on one for you.

What is Coenzyme Q10?
CoQ10 is an antioxidant. I’m pretty sure that you have heard of antioxidants and are aware of how we need them to fight pesky free radicals that wreak havoc and cause damage to our skin. CoQ10 is something we produce naturally in our bodies, but as we age and encounter factors such as stress, illness etc, we produce less of this wonderful antioxidant leaving us more vulnerable to cell damage and leaving cells less able to regenerate. This is why it makes perfect sense to supplement our bodies. You can find oral supplements at health food shops, online etc.

The benefits for your skin
It is always good to protect your skin as much as possible with a constant supply of antioxidants both internally and externally in your skincare products. Dr Perricone (Dermatologist) is a huge fan of this supplement and although I was familiar with this supplement it was reading his book ‘The Wrinkle Cure‘ that made me take the plunge and finally invest.

In Dr Perricone’s words:

“In addition to its internal benefits, CoQ10 can also play a role in making skin look younger. CoQ10 levels decrease as you get older. Indeed, most women over thirty have below optimum levels of CoQ10 in the skin. The lack of CoQ10 results in an impeded ability to produce collagen and elastin. Collagen is important because it makes your skin firm, while elastin gives your skin flexibility. The loss of collagen and elastin causes your skin to wrinkle and sag”.

Other benefits of using this are said to be weight loss as it can apparently help to speed up a slow metabolism. CoQ10 assists in the production of energy by the cells. When we are deficient in CoQ10 it can mean that our metabolism is slower. You can read more on this on Dr Perricone’s blog.

Have I noticed the benefits?
I sometimes find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what is working because I do so many different things. However, this has got a lot of backing and it makes perfect sense to me that this is a supplement that is extremely beneficial, especially as I’m in my late thirties. I want to do as much as possible to protect not only my skin (especially considering what I put it through in my twenties) but all of the cells in my body! It’s not just about skin health, but health in general and wanting to live a long and healthy life if I can. When I was researching on the internet I found a lady writing about the supplement and saying that although it isn’t the cheapest supplement, it is worth the investment and she can see the difference in her skin when she looks in the mirror.

If you think you’d like to give it a try just follow the link to the ones that I bought, HERE.

For a cheaper 30 day supply go, HERE.
Much love

Ultimate hydration for healthy skin


I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend so far! I’m blogging on a weekend again. Not quite in a regular routine again yet…almost!

Today I want to address the topic of hydration, what it actually means for our health and looks, and what we can be doing to help ourselves.

I think most people until they are further educated on the subject, will perhaps think that being hydrated  is simply a matter of drinking as much water as possible. I was one of those people and I didn’t even do drinking water very well years ago. I actually cringe at my lack of water! However, there are a number of other factors that play a part and can really help us in boosting and maintaining hydration. Don’t get me wrong, water is still very important and if I’ve had a busy day and forgotten to drink as much, boy can I tell the difference. Doing other positive things can help to support those days when you may ‘forget’.

So although this is actually a very complex subject I’m going to discuss it briefly, give you a few tips and point you in the direction of a fantastic book (should you wish to learn more) and also something I cannot live without now (well I wouldn’t want to).

I recently read the book The Water Secret by Dr Murad, a dermatologist, pharmacist and researcher. In his own words. “I have devoted my life to making beautiful healthy skin attainable for everyone”.

I think what we all need to remember, is that health, wellness and beauty start from within. Effective skincare products are amazing but you need to address how you treat from within for those to really work and be supported in working to the best of their ability. A bit like having someone fantastic working in a department/company. He/she can only really thrive and be as amazing as possible if they have a great team of people supporting them and allowing them to deliver and shine!

Dr Murad talks about how the skin really reflects what is going on inside of our bodies. Our diet, health issues, stress and upset will all reflect in the skin. In his book he outlines a ten step plan to really make a dramatic difference to how you look and feel. It’s not a plan that requires a lot of money and unattainable things either.

For skin to really feel and look healthy one of the key things of importance is cellular hydration.

Apparently there are two types of water in the body. Wellness water that is found in our cells. This sustains cellular activity and allows you to be healthy and look beautiful and glowing. The other kind of water is waste water. This is the type that floats between cells. It makes you feel bloated, sluggish and may give you that puffy eyed look.

Dr Murad talks about the importance of keeping wellness water where it is meant to be – inside the cells. Unfortunately as we age our cells can become porous and the water leaks out. The first thing to address is fixing the cells so that they don’t leak (he tells you how to do this). The second is consuming high quality water (not necessarily just from a bottle), but from food and other drinks.

The key thing I’m going to share with you from this book is something I thankfully was aware of, but reading this has made me think about it more and try to be more conscious.


Eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content will make a significant difference to your hydration levels.

Try and make a green smoothie a day, or a fruit smoothie if green isn’t your thing.

Juicing is another way of getting in that high quality water that Dr Murad speaks of.

Add more vegetable to your main meals. Snack on cucumber, carrot and pepper sticks.

At the moment I’m addicted to making homemade soup. This an amazing way to get all of that water in via vegetables.

In the Summer make a gorgeous slush of watermelon and coconut water with lime and ice (it’s divine).

I guess quite simply put…ramp up the fruit and veg intake!

If you love to start your day with a coffee or tea then really increase your water consumption. I know from my own experience, if I have a coffee I do feel a slight headache and much more thirsty. I’m trying to make my one a day an occasional thing because of this. I know it’s a habit because I gave up caffeine for almost two years and then we received a very lovely gift of a Nespresso machine. I started out with the odd decaf coffee that has managed to turn into a morning regular coffee (with almond milk at least). However I like to think I balance it out with lots of green tea, water and fruit and veg.

If you’re the kind of person that drinks tea and coffee all day long and barely has a sip of water, then reducing it down to no more than 2-3 per day, and upping the water intake will do wonders for you!

The same goes for alcohol. Alcohol is so dehydrating and will rob you of your looks if consumed in high amounts regularly. Try and drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume.

I realise as I’m writing this that I’m not exactly letting you into a big secret. I’m sure most of us, especially if you’re a reader of all things health and wellness, this blog, or a client that is skin health conscious, will have heard of these kind of tips before. Maybe reading them again will have you reaching for the Nutribullet to blend a smoothie, maybe the juicer for a super green or purple juice, or deciding against that coffee in favour of a green tea……

Last but certainly not least is something that I take every evening and absolutely wouldn’t want to be without them now. It’s a small capsule full of amazing things that will help to repair your skin and hydrate your cells as you sleep. I promise you that you will be amazed when you wake up to skin that feels really hydrated from within. I actually ran out for a while, then when I took them again I was absolutely amazed by the difference. Running out and then taking them again just reconfirmed how effective they are.

The capsule is the H30 Night Repair from Rejuvenated.They also sell a H30 drink that can be consumed throughout the day.

The key ingredients are:

Astaxanthin- a potent antioxidant.
Ionic minerals- key in hydration.
Hyaluronic Acid- Can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water.
Astragulus- a powerful herb used in Chinese medicine with vitamins A, B, C, D & E.

Also high in Niacin, Riboflavin, vit A, C, D & E

Riboflavin, vit C and E help to protect cells from oxidative stress.
Vitamin A plays a role in the process of cell specialisation.
Niacin, Riboflavin and vit A help to maintain normal skin.
Vit D has a role in the process of cell division.

To learn exactly how these work and if you’re interested in trying them for yourself then you can read more over on the Rejuvenated blog.

If you have any questions at all, Kathryn Danzey is wonderful and will help you out should you need her to. She is an absolute skin guru! Also if you do decide to try them out for yourself, as a first time customer you can use the code ‘treat’ for a lovely gift of free delivery.

P.S Current NCN top 3 NCN products for me right now are Lemon Cleanser, DNA Serum & Copper peptide with EGF formula 2. You can only use formula 2 if you’ve used formula 1 for at least 6-12 months. Both are amazing! Choosing 3 is hard as I still use everything but my favourites change on a monthly basis according to my skin and mood.

Also obsessed with the Sirius Nova rejuvenation kit LOVING the results and will be blogging about it very soon.

Wishing you all a fabulous Sunday afternoon and evening.

Much love

Let’s do everything we can to support our skin health in 2015

Hello my lovelies!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve…..Now to crack on with making 2015 a wonderful year! A year of loving and respecting ourselves, as well as all of the people and nature around us!

I know I don’t usually blog on a Saturday but I feel a little out of touch. Normal service resumes next week. I’m sat writing this whilst also entertaining my two children at the same time. Multitasking at its best!This means regular breaks to sing along to One Direction and making lego towers. So this blog is more of a chatty post, a bit like I’m having a chat on the sofa with a friend. I have some other more focused posts coming soon.

Nourishing our bodies and our mind
We focus so much at this time of year on diets and exercise, both of which are important to our health and well being. Yet so many of us focus on the scales…..I’ve always been a slave to the scales, until the batteries died in them several weeks ago and I haven’t replaced them. To be honest it’s been liberating! I think the most important thing to focus on is eating as cleanly as possible. To focus on nourishing our bodies for energy and health. The same goes for exercising, and I found this with running. I started running to lose weight, but it very quickly became a way to clear my head, get out in the fresh air, and feeling strong and fit was so much more important than losing weight. I got out for my first run of the new year today. It was raining hard and ice cold. I am not nearly as fit as I was, but I am striving to get it back!

Skin health
This year I really want to pay even more attention to my skin’s health, and hopefully get you thinking about your own skin health a bit more (I’m sure even the healthiest of us can make improvements). Skin is our largest living organ and reflects everything that is going on inside of us. Using effective skincare will take you so far, but your skin will never look truly glowing and healthy from the inside out if you don’t sleep enough, you smoke, drink too much alcohol, don’t drink enough water, don’t eat properly, and don’t protect yourself from UV rays.  Of course I love what NCN Skincare does for my skin and wouldn’t be without it…ever! (I just try to support it with other positive actions). Using Cosmeceutical skincare products that contain effective active ingredients, that penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers and actually help to stimulate collagen and elastin production….these are not to be underestimated. It’s worth paying more for these than over the counter products that give a superficial look of improved skin, only to wear off as the day goes by.

By the way I don’t mean to sound as though I’m preaching. I’ve done all the above and some, on a regular basis years ago (not smoking). But you live and learn from experience. I don’t have perfect skin, but it is a vast improvement on what it was, and what it would be if I didn’t do certain things. I just want to share my own experiences. That is basically what this blog is all about.

Skin rejuvenation kit
I was very lucky recently to be gifted an amazing skin rejuvenation kit. It includes LED light therapy that addresses 3 concerns. Lines and wrinkles, acne and blemishes, hyperpigmentation and uneven tone. Also an amazing cleansing tool and Microcurrent for firming and lifting. This is one of the things I’ll be writing a post on in depth, and I plan to film a video too at some point. I have to say I’ve only been using it for 4 days now and I’m amazed at the difference I can see already. I’m obsessed. Thank you Nanci xx

The importance of hydration
I’m going to be writing a blog post about hydration and how you can improve your skin’s hydration with certain supplements, the way you eat, as well as the usual drinking water. Hydrated skin is way more complex than downing large amounts of water that you then end up getting rid of rather quickly by running to the toilet every 5 minutes. For skin to really look its best, and feel its best, hydration is absolutely essential.

Never underestimate the benefit of more sleep
I’m taking a big leaf out of  Kathryn Danzey’s book (Kathryn from Rejuvenated). She posted a skin resolution the other day to get more sleep. That is one I’d already promised to myself, and a reminder is always appreciated. During the last two weeks, once the initial buzz of Christmas passed, I can honestly say I haven’t been this relaxed in a long time. I’ve gone to bed earlier and myself and hubby have taken it in turns to get up early. This has been a real luxury to us both, and one that I have really felt the benefit of greatly. When you’re well rested everything seems easier, and I know I look and feel better. Three people told me on Christmas Eve how exhausted I looked, and to be honest I felt it!

So the basic things I’ll be concentrating on for improved skin health are:

More sleep
Less stress and more relaxation
Eating clean
A green smoothie or juice daily
Taking effective supplements to aid health and skin health
Using NCN products (of course) and SPF daily (goes without saying)
Using skin rejuvenation tools like the one I talked about above
Alcohol is rare for me anyway but I’ll enjoy it in moderation when I do indulge
A little dark chocolate…because a life without chocolate isn’t one I want to think about (and it’s full of antioxidants)
Collagen shots and H30 Night Repair every evening
Exercise daily
Starting the day with warm lemon water and making coffee an occasional treat instead of once a day
Be kind and practise gratitude daily (It’s nice for others and makes for a happier you)

I hope that the transition back into regular routine goes smoothly next week for you all….

I’m signing off now to go and make homemade pizza with my mini’s.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love Katy




Signing off for Christmas


I hope everyone is well and feeling calm/stress free, as well as super excited for Christmas!

It’s almost time
I’m definitely feeling more organised now. Most of the cards have been posted. I have just a few more to post today. Tonight I will mostly be perusing online websites for some healthy Christmas treats to make (Mr Ttsyi is at ANOTHER Xmas do LOL). Present wrapping will commence on Saturday evening with Mr Ttsyi, hopefully over a lovely glass of mulled wine. Then on Sunday evening I’m out with Santa and his sleigh, and a wonderful team of people, all collecting for various local charities. What do you have planned? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

So today is a blog about this and that really. I haven’t got a specific thing I wanted to write about exactly. I thought it would just be nice to touch base with you all and discuss a couple of things.

A time for reflection and appreciation
This time of year is definitely a time when I always look back and reflect on the year, and I think that naturally most people do. For some it may have been an amazing year (I hope that’s you), and for others not so great. For me personally there have been some real highs, some real lows, and a lot of learning curves. I won’t be making ‘New Years resolutions’, but I will be looking at the things I achieved, the things I didn’t and why, and I will be setting my goals for the year ahead with absolute intention of achieving every single one of them!! I’m actually so excited to ring in 2015 and enjoy living and loving life. One thing that really hit me particularly hard this year is that we shouldn’t take any moment for granted. Life is precious and we are lucky to be here and living it. Things can change in the blink of an eye. Gratitude is of the most importance to me. As Oprah put it “Start with being grateful for your breath”.

Huge thanks…You are all fabulous!
With regards to Treat the Skin You’re In. A huge thank you for all of your support. It really does mean so much to us and we value every single one of you. We realise you have choices in such a huge market of skincare, and the fact that you return to us consistently, as well as new clients that try us for the first time….it say’s a lot about the products to us (we love that you love them as much as we do) and we hope we also give you a fantastic service. We aim to look after you and we promise that we will be making improvements next year, and growing Treat the Skin You’re In, in a way that you will hopefully love and benefit from.

I just completed an amazing course that I was absolutely immersed in. Advanced Skin Science. It’s a level 4 qualification and gives a very deep understanding of skin’s anatomy and physiology, focusing very much on skin health and the things that impact it. I passed all of the online exams, fingers crossed that I pass the other part. I will find out in January. I know not everyone would want to put it out there, but I feel like I’m chatting to my friends and I share things with my good friends. I put my heart and soul into it because I really want to  further my education in the skin health field and have a deeper understanding of everything. Education rocks and I believe it’s a good thing to keep on learning, especially when you genuinely love what you’re learning about.

What’s new…
Regarding skin, I’ve introduced two new supplements into my mix. Those are Alpha Lipoic Acid and Co Enzyme Q10. I recently read Dr Perricone’s book ‘The Wrinkle Cure’. He talks a lot about these supplements and what they do for the skin’s health and appearance, as well as other things they do for the body. I had to invest. Someone very close to me actually started taking these several months back. Not for skin concerns but for health reasons, and their health has improved in leaps and bounds and they actually feel great now. Supplements of the right kind can be a wonderful thing. I will do a dedicated blog post about them in the new year, talking about benefits and things I have hopefully noticed.

I’m also back on with derma rolling. I didn’t do it for a long time, however I’m very inspired by Dr Lance Setterfield. He is someone who grew up in South Africa, suffered a lot of sun damage and skin cancer. He has researched extensively the subject of dermal needling and has a book out that I am intending to buy – The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling Expanded Medical Edition. I’ve managed to read bits of it here and there online, but I’d like to read it fully and have access to it whenever I want to pick it up. He is well respected in his field and runs many courses all over the world on this subject. Dermal rolling is definitely becoming a favoured choice for many regarding skin rejuvenation. I just bought an MTS roller that has finer needles than the average roller (Dr Lance uses these). I’m excited to get back on track with this and see where it takes me results wise.

Also I know I haven’t filmed for youtube in quite some time. That will be changing next year and I already have some videos planned for you.

Current read
Current ‘Skin’ read on the kindle is Dr Murad’s – The Water Secret. The Cellular breakthrough to look and feel 10 years younger. I’ll talk about that in the new year too.

Product of the month
Go to favourite product of the moment still has to be DNA Serum. My skin is loving this so much right now. I didn’t use it really over the summer months but I feel my skin needs it right now.

Inspiring Skin Guru’s for me are;
Nanci Callahan Nivolo, lady behind the formulations of NCN Pro Skincare, and whom I consider a friend and true inspiration. Love the lady!

Kathryn Danzey, founder of Rejuvenated and the wonderful products, Collagen Shots, H30 Night Repair and H30. Kathryn is an amazing lady and I’m so happy to have met her.

Sally Durant, of Sally Durant Training & Consultancy in Cosmetic Dermatology & Clinical Aesthetics. The lady behind the course I just completed. I can’t wait to do more!

There are more people that constantly inspire me in this field, but these have to be my top 3.

I think that pretty much sums up today’s post. I don’t want to ramble too much.

It just leaves me to say that I wish you all a very Merry Christmas on behalf of us at Ttsyi, and we hope that 2015 is a wonderful year for you!

Lots of love


DNA Serum for intense hydration

Hello gorgeous!

It’s Sunday morning. The sun is out. The festive excitement is definitely rising! The temperature is definitely dropping…..which means the central heating is on that bit more….resulting in skin that is more ‘thirsty’.

I generally don’t have skin that is dehydrated too often these days. Sure, I have those days when I’ve not drank as much water when I’m on the go. I feel it then. And the odd occasion when I drink alcohol…I definitely feel it then, even when I up the water.

Feeling the changes from the weather
But in recent weeks my skin was feeling a little parched in the morning after a night with central heating on. I had ran out of my DNA Serum and was seeing how I got on for the time being without it as I was going full force with the Skin Tight and everything else. I lasted all of 2-3 weeks before I caved. I know how good this stuff is. It was never a long term plan to go without…..but sometimes going without something makes you realise how wonderful something truly is! A bit like abstaining from your favourite treat (dark chocolate for me) for a while, then savouring that first bite again and appreciating every little bit of it.

Psst, I think I’m noticing a pattern here….I just can’t actually go without any of the NCN products! Love them all too much to even try.

Deeply hydrating and pure special
DNA Serum is special! It’s like giving your skin the biggest most hydrating drink from the outside. It plumps out lines and wrinkles to give skin a more youthful look. It imparts a glow. It works on lines and wrinkles on a long term basis as well as the immediate effect of plumping. It helps skin to retain more moisture on a long term basis too, making it stronger, firmer and more resilient. It also helps to even out skin tone, fading any pigmentation marks.

I am obsessed again! I’m using DNA Serum twice a day. In the morning it goes on just before my SPF cream and in the evening after all other serums and then sometimes I layer Volu-lift or Multi-Active Accelerator over the top. My skin is loving this combination and feels so much happier, staying beautifully  hydrated all day long.

DNA Serum gratitude
Here are a couple of client comments recently:

Annemie is a new client

“This morning I used the Vit C and on the top the DNA Serum, and I have to admit that my skin is still feeling smooth and very much hydrated. This has never happened before with other products”.

Another client, Tracy

“Hi Katy, thank you so much for recommending the DNA Serum, it’s worked wonders on my dry, winter skin! I have a small amount of this serum left over from a previous order and had forgotten all about it as I had got out of the habit of using it during the summer. Will definitely be ordering some more soon”.

DNA Serum is one of the biggest sellers for us and NCN, and it certainly deserves its ‘Best Seller’ status.

If you’d like to know a little more about DNA Serum you can head over to the products page for further reading.

Have a fabulous Sunday and I’ll see you soon.


How I cleared my Keratosis Pilaris


I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week so far and have indulged in some Black Friday sale shopping! You’d be crazy not to hey?!

Today’s post is about a condition known as Keratosis Pilaris. If you aren’t familiar with the term or what it is…it’s basically the red, bumpy skin, common on upper arms (but can affect other areas). Mine literally looked red all of the time. It was dry, bumpy, and I also had what looked like whiteheads…although the white substance is actually thick and hardened, unlike a typical spot. Sounds nice, yes?

This is only something that actually affected me since being pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago. I hoped it was hormonal and would clear up, but it never did.

Some bad advice
I did visit the doctor after the birth of my daughter. He advised me that it was hormonal. That it was common during pregnancy, and that it was the over production of the substance Keratin (Keratin is a fibrous protein in the outer layer of the skin). He also advised me to literally squeeze and pick the hardened plugs. That is something I actually consider to be very bad advice, as there is risk of subjecting the skin to bacteria and infection, and also scarring. At the same time this doesn’t address the cause of the problem.

So, I guess I just learnt to live with it. Although I was very self-conscious of my arms and found myself trying to wear sleeves unless it was really too hot. It definitely affected my confidence.

Rewind 7 months now and I started my journey with Collagen Shots. The amazing elixir of Marine Extract Collagen. Acai Berry. vitamin C. B vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid.

If you’re familiar with my blog you will know that I love Collagen Shots and can’t praise them enough. They are a staple of mine, and I believe they go hand in hand to make a winning team with NCN Skincare.

If you’re unfamiliar with how Collagen Shots work, a quick brief is that they supply all of the amino acids and vitamins that the skin needs to make amazing healthy collagen. The benefits don’t just stop at skin. Your hair will grow faster. Your nails will grow faster, and your skin will feel super soft and hydrated from within.

I also started taking another fabulous supplement by our Rejuvenated friends. This is called H30 Night Repair. A short brief of this by the company itself:

“Hydration while you sleep, wake refreshed and ready to face the world. Cellular hydration is one of the main keys to good health and staying young, H30 Night Repair includes Astaxanthin an incredibly potent anti-oxidant, Ionic minerals key in hydration, Hyaluronic acid – can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water and Astragulus – a powerful herb used in Chinese medicine with Vitamins A, B, C, D & E .”

Kathryn Danzey and her team developed this as the perfect partner to Collagen Shots.

Feeling grateful
I personally love to do my facial routine at night using my skin saviour NCN products, followed by mixing up my magical potion and popping my hydration pill. It makes me feel calm and happy knowing that I’m doing the best I can for my skin health. Such a far cry from the uneducated, care free girl that I was years ago, not taking proper care of myself or my skin. I regret some of my skin actions…in particular the use of sunbed’s. However, I wouldn’t be here now doing what I’m doing and loving it, if I had been a skin angel all those years ago!

Back to the Keratosis Pilaris (apologies, I get a little excited and side-tracked).

A moment of revelation
I was taking a shower last week and had a little more time on this particular morning. It wasn’t my usual rushed shower on a school morning. So there I was washing my arms and it actually occurred to me that they were smooth!!! This was a major OMG moment for me!! 5 years of being so conscious, and here I am with SMOOTH arms!!! I can’t tell you how good that felt to me. I still can’t believe it and just had a little check whilst writing this..yep! still smooth!

Oh, I almost forgot. I also began taking MSM powder with vitamin C  a few months ago too. I have taken this on and off for 4 years, but I’d had an off period whilst nursing my son for 9 months. Then I hadn’t got back on track with it properly until more recently. I have written other blog posts on this supplement and why I love it.

Although I can’t completely attest that it is any of these products. I really truly believe that it is these that have worked their magic on my skin. I think if you give the skin everything that it needs it will find its perfect harmony.

Kathryn actually shared with me that several customers have reported Collagen Shots helping them with Keratosis Pilaris! She say’s it works by the Collagen Shots helping to break down the thickening of the Keratin fibres to leave skin smooth. Adding in H30 Night Repair supports the condition further by helping to really hydrate the skin and keep it soft.

If you think you would like to try Collagen Shots or H30,  as a first time customer using the code ‘treat’ you will get free delivery!

Psst….I can’t get enough of DNA Serum right now. I stopped using it for 3 weeks after I ran out. Then I just had to buy some more because I missed it so much! The most hydrating serum ever. With the heating now on more than off, this just gives my skin that extra boost it needs. Dedicated blog post coming next week.

Take a peek at some of our own fabulous Black Friday offers not to be missed….

Have a wonderful weekend.



No need for Botox….REALINE BEAUTY


I hope you’re all having a fabulous Friday!

I have something very exciting to share with today…….I was lucky enough to test something called REALINE BEAUTY PATCHES.

Sound intriguing?

A Natural Alternative to Botox
Realine beauty patches are a natural alternative to botox. So if you suffer from the dread ’11’s’ lines (the permanent lines left from years of frowning)….these could be your little bit of magic to waking up to a fresher face in the morning.

My Own Experience with Botox
I’ve been there and tried Botox. At the time I really did like it (second time around)….I had it twice. The first time I hated it. I looked frozen and couldn’t lift my eyebrows! I was practically crying with regret and panic the next morning….not deterred after it had worn off, I then went to a fabulous lady that was very conservative with the needle. I looked fresh faced and rested. I could lift my eyebrows and I couldn’t frown. However, within 7-8 weeks it had gone, along with the £250 I had spent.

I’ve never done it since, and as my focus is very much on the health of skin I’m not too sure that I’d go there again, purely because I think there is so much you can do without using it, but never say never!

In the meantime I’ve found an amazing alternative at a real snip.

The What You Get and How to Use
You get a months supply in a box. Very simple to use, you firstly cleanse the skin, and if you’ve applied moisturising products wait until they’re fully absorbed before applying the patch or else it will slip out of place (I learnt this the first night).

Then you simply peel the patch from the backing paper. Smooth out your frown line area, place the patch over that area and flatten it down in place. You can then go to sleep and leave it overnight, or if you were going to an event and maybe in the house during the day, pop one on for a few hours. At first it’s a strange sensation. It felt ‘tight’ to me, but you quickly get used to it and don’t notice.

As we sleep, and dream, we often frown and the older our skin is, and the more we do this, the deeper the furrows become. So by limiting that movement overnight we naturally wake up to a smoother fresher look.

Complimenting Your Skincare
I personally think that these patches compliment the products we sell too. By using collagen boosting and repairing ingredients in skincare, you’re working on the skin itself. Then by limiting the repetitive movement that deepens the lines, you are on your way to a much more youthful look.

It is worth noting that the patches are made of latex-free, hypoallergenic clear plastic that has been clinically proven to be safe on human skin.

Also, by using these on a nightly basis you’re re-educating your facial movements and skin, so on a long-term basis you should see greater improvements.

My Apologies..
I have to apologise as I started with the best intentions of taking progress pictures as I know this is the best way to demonstrate a products capabilities. However, I haven’t been too well recently and I didn’t end up logging the progress as intended.

If you follow my blog though, you will know by now that I only truly recommend and shout out about the products I love and believe in!! And these are no exception. I think they’re fantastic and I highly recommend them.

Where to Find Them
They’ve been featured in many magazines and newspapers, and are making big waves already…..You can find them in Selfridges, Fenwick of Bond Street and at www.realinebeauty.com

Why not hop on over to the website above for further information, great testimonials and some pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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