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Face Or Faux

Hello lovelies,

Tonight we’re all in for a treat as the very gorgeous Lorna luxe has very kindly written a guest post. I just love her style of writing, and well, her style full stop!

Lorna luxe is a writer and creative whose work and style coverage has been featured internationally. Her warmly received lifestyle blog Lorna luxe is the latest creation in her projects to date. She describes this as a work in progress and a not so serious account of her luxe life. A self confessed Choo fanatic – she shares her home in rural Sussex with her husband Mr. Luxe and their beloved maltese terrier Boo.

This is not just any skincare blog… this is a..

No. No sorry I am not sponsored by M&S, I don’t look like gaelic goddess Dervla Kirwan and this is just a skincare blog.

But I do qualify as a trusty source of good skincare judgement and sense. And here’s why:

Nb: I accept no liability for what you are about to read:

Meet my skin
It’s a tricky one. Kinda pale. Kinda dry. Kinda freckly-but-not-in-a-cute-way. Kinda hard work. Judged on gene’s alone, I’d be the last one picked in a game of clones.

My luxstory … 
In my late teens it was a riot – literally. A perfect playground for self induced acne thanks to my sugar high diet. One which I then masked beneath a brave attempt at tan trickery. There were in fact whole years I spent dowsed in a glittery tonne of Rimmel Sunshimmer and a prayer.

It gets better. Stay with:
Skipping into my twenties, I kept on praying, bare-faced and to the sun. I was a committed worshipper – but I was spf experimental.

Add to that a decade long career as a hostie and you could say it was skin suicide!! Merrily I binged on duty free miracle creams and sickly sweet juicy tubes. Frantic sun frazzling sessions became the norm and factor f-all didn’t help. The fine lines never stood a chance.

I promise. It does get better.

Luxe Wake-up:
I crossed the invisible fear frontier #thirty (this is my official disclaimer) and since then my feet have been firmly rooted on terra firma. I eat fresh veg – occassionally. I drink water (or squash) where possible and although my past is privé to crimes of dehydration I’m a realist. With a facialist. And I love my face, fine lines and all.

As a legacy to this colourful journey – I gift to you a worthy list of my most coveted luxe-can’t-live-withouts. Luxe defining products I literally can’t, infact I won’t live without.

My stock-pile:
A kick-ass red lipstick. The make-up equivalent of a little black dress. I reckon I’ve got 3 or 4 luxe red lippies rolling around my tote at anyone time. Matt or glossy – whatever floats your boat. Currently I’m rocking Nars ‘heatwave’ – an orangey red with real staying power. If you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard about Mac’s ‘lady danger’ – you need to – it’s trending the fash-pack for a reason! Need a mega splurge? Head for Tom Ford’s ‘narcotic rouge’, girl’s wanna wear it, boy’s wanna… pay 36 quid to make us happy. nuff said.

My saviour:
There’s a love affair/substance overuse happening right now with my miracle grow (aka vitamin c + serum) a Treat The Skin You’re In skin transformer. It’s a vital part of my morning ritual – no more patchiness, my skin looks and feels softer – even Mr. Luxe wants in!

My soldier:
Acclaimed YSL’s touch eclat highlighter wand. No.1. Nifty little thing. It does complexion combat like no other – I use it to highlight, contour and sometimes conceal. I’ve tried copycats – Mac/Nars/Chanel – this is the best.

My samaritan:
As a self appointed authority in self tan, it would be improper not to give special mention to the omnipresent in my life. The safety harness to my summer. All hail L’oreal Sublime Tinted Self-Tan. Because pale and interesting doesn’t always interest me.

And finally my secret:
Shiny smooth locks. It should be the law. My frizzy bonce gets smeared with a healthy dose of Kerastase Elixir Oil Cream before every hairdry blast. It stays smooth. Super shiny. Straight when I tell it to. Curly when the tongs do.

All links to the products are below as well as links to Lorna’s website, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest and her Twitter username.

Nars Heatwave: here
Mac Lady Danger: here
Tom Ford Narcotic Rouge:here
NCN Vitamin C+ Serum: here
YSL Touche eclat: here
L’Oreal Sublime Tinted Self Tan: here
Kerastase Elixir Oil: here

Lorna luxe: here
Lorna luxe Facebook: here
Twitter: @lorna_luxe
Pinterest: here


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  1. Gillian night / Reply

    March 28, 2014 at 6:49 am

    Another brilliantly written article – my shopping list is now complete for the weekend.

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