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How to be a Glowing Goddess with the help of Mel Wells

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I just got back from Alton Towers this afternoon. We went yesterday morning and stayed the night to celebrate Arthur’s first birthday as a family. We had such a lovely time and it was actually pretty quiet as it only just opened its gates again yesterday after the winter closure.

I know I don’t usually blog on a Monday evening but I was really keen to put fingers to keys and let you know what I’m going to be doing over the next few weeks. You might want to do it too……

On the back of my last blog post regarding wanting to get super healthy, focused and fit again. I decided to contact the beautiful Mel Wells of The Green Goddess Life.


Mel has studied at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York City. The largest nutrition school in the world. She was my initial inspiration for green smoothie making, ditching cows milk for almond milk and toying with vegetarianism. Discovering Mel also led me to Kimberley Snyder and her fabulous books. The Beauty Detox Solution and The Beauty Detox Foods.  I also discovered the book, The China Study. A book I’d highly recommend anyone to read. It has been described as “The most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted“. The book’s major thesis is that we could prevent or cure most human disease by eating a whole foods plant based diet and avoiding meat and dairy products.

Mel has a website as well as a Facebook page that I follow. Her ethos is very much about following a plant based diet, although you don’t have to be a vegetarian or a vegan. It’s more about crowding out animal products with yummy plant food and really nourishing your body with the best foods that nature has given us, ditching the processed beige foods that can make us feel sluggish and contribute to all kinds of health issues. Concentrating on green foods and brightly coloured foods that will give us lots of energy, make us feel alive and give us a glow. She runs health coaching programs to help you either get back on track, or assist you with changing your diet and lifestyle.


I will be following the 6 week program: Glowing Goddess. This is described as being for those that need to press the “reset” button on their health and diet. Ideal for people that already eat well and have a regular exercise regime. I’m working on the latter.

I had a consultation with Mel last week.  Mel immediately made me feel at ease, although I feel as though I knew her already as I’ve followed her work for around 18 months now. I know that she is the Woman to get me back in the right place and completely focused. In her own words “Let me be your little holistic health angel sat on your shoulder!” This is exactly what I need. My own little buddy that will be my support. I can text her or email her at any time I feel I need or want to (perhaps not the middle of the night). I will also have a telephone chat with her every two weeks to discuss my progress.


Mel is currently in the process of writing me out a plan, which I’ll be kicking off with a 5 day detox. I will be starting on the 1st April. Mr Ttsyi will be joining me and being as supportive as he can, and hopefully enjoying all of the delicious home cooked food I’ll be making. He’s a green smoothie lover too. I converted him. We just need to get Molly in on some green smoothie love. She’s not having any of it. Arthur on the other hand  will drink  down a full bottle daily complete with wheatgrass (won’t subject him to spirulina yet). I won’t be defeated though and I’ll keep offering it. One day she’ll surprise me.

I must admit that even since my consultation I’m more on the path I want to be back on. I went out running/walking on Friday evening. Then I went out again on Saturday morning. I’ve walked for miles around Alton Towers the last couple of days, and I’ll be back on track again tomorrow! I’ve decided to go power walking with Arthur in his buggy straight after the school drop off Mon-Weds. I used to do this until it started becoming really cold and raining, and it got really boggy for the pushchair where I like to walk. Coming straight home and sticking the kettle on became more appealing. I’ll also aim to exercise on my free days and hopefully a couple of evenings too. No excuses!


I thought a good plan would be to update you after my 5 day detox. Then perhaps let you know how I’m doing every couple of weeks. I might do a vlog about how I’m getting along/feeling and I’ll probably share some pictures of yummy meals, juices and raw baking via my instagram.

If you’d like to learn more about the lovely Mel and her work you can via here.




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  1. Sweetest Voice / Reply

    March 25, 2014 at 6:46 am

    Sounds wonderful. Good luck! Green smoothies, yummmmm!!! 😉 xxx

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