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How I Sipped my Way to More Youthful Looking Skin!

Every evening I have a ritual. A ritual that involves what I consider to be my – magic potion…. I mix up my ‘hint of berry’ tasting potion, and I drink it up safe and happy in the knowledge that when I wake in the morning my skin will look plumped up, hydrated and glowing.


I love a Kick-ass (NCN Skincare) serum to target skin concerns. A luxurious organic facial oil to nourish and pamper. An exfoliating treatment (such as the Pumpkin Peel) that dissolves away dull and dry patches, restoring my complexion to smooth and vibrant looking.


However, ‘the potion’ works from the inside out. As we are far more aware these days – what we put inside our body in regards to skin health is just as important as what we apply on the outside. Do one or the other and you’ll notice a difference, but invest in both and you have a double whammy effect. They support one another.


There really isn’t much point investing in quality skincare if you’re going to eat too much sugar, drink too much alcohol, smoke, never exercise, sunbathe and not wear an SPF daily…. oh and not forgetting beauty sleep. We really need beauty sleep….


I’m don’t mean to sound preachy, so please forgive me if I do. Those of you that are familiar with my story will know that I was no skin angel years ago. I’ve done most of the above on a regular basis in my younger years as a Virgin Atlantic Air Hostess.  Actually, I did at least three of them throughout the month of December. No-one is perfectly healthy all of the time (I certainly aren’t) and who doesn’t want a few glasses of vino and time on the sofa watching films and eating chocolate or cake occasionally? It’s all about balance.



10-15 years ago my skin wasn’t in such a healthy state. Sun-damaged from my carefree, sun worshipping days. Dehydrated, dull, blotchy and prematurely ageing….NCN Skincare saved my skin and gave me back my confidence – to a very large degree. But it was also the additional change in my lifestyle – to a much healthier one, that made me realise the amazing difference it can make to your skin. Healthy food, quality supplements, exercise and sleep are vital. We can’t expect amazing results to come completely from skincare alone, without the supporting elements of the above mentioned.


Almost two years ago I made a discovery and I’m so grateful. It has been a constant staple in my daily life ever since. I discovered a collagen drink – Magic Potion. Collagen drinks have become big news in the UK over the last few years. They’ve been big in Asia for a long time with people touting the benefits of the drinks that will give you a more youthful complexion. Years ago it would probably have sounded a little crazy that we could sip our way to more youthful looking skin…. but in today’s more health and wellness focused world – it makes perfect sense.


Look around and you will find collagen drinks available online, in beauty salons, medical clinics and in certain high street stores. But as I wrote in my last article about not all serums being made the same, not all collagen drinks are made the same either. I have personally only stuck with the brand that I tried and loved, because it delivered results for me and I trust the brand and the team behind it. I drink Collagen Shots by Rejuvenated. I know that team Rejuvenated are so passionate about skin health and using only the best ingredients they can source to support it. They use Marine Extract Collagen (10,000mg per drink). Hyaluronic Acid, acai Berry, vitamins, minerals and natural sweetener (stevia).



After the age of 25 we start to lose collagen at a rate of around 1.5% per year. Collagen keeps our skin firm, strong, plump, and basically – younger looking with less lines and wrinkles. Look at the plump and juicy looking skin of a child – they have collagen and Hyaluronic acid in abundance. It makes sense that we should be topping up our collagen levels in all ways possible, and feeding our body the essential building blocks it needs to make healthy new collagen – from the inside. Remember the ‘double whammy’ I mentioned earlier. Treat from the inside as well as from the outside.


The results that I have experienced from Collagen Shots are, softer and more hydrated skin – all over my body as well as my face. Plumped up skin that feels thicker and with more elasticity. A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Stronger nails and faster hair and nail growth. The evidence of my results wasn’t just what I could see and feel though….


I had a derma scan at the Anti-Ageing Show, literally just as I’d been taking Collagen Shots for a couple of days. The derma scan measures the density of your skin and tells you the levels of collagen in your skin. There were three sections. Red was not good. Yellow was average and green was excellent. My levels were measured as average for my age – the yellow section. Three months later I had another derma scan – my collagen levels had increased by a huge 75% and were now in the excellent range. I was absolutely thrilled with the results. In all honesty, though I knew I could see and feel a difference, I hadn’t expected so much of an increase. You can see my scan pictures – here


This really highlighted to me even more the importance of what we put into our body. Mixing up my nightly potion of Collagen Shots is part of my daily routine I won’t sacrifice – just like cleansing my face and brushing my teeth.

For more info – Collagen Shots



Have a great day!

Katy xxx

An Interview with Madeleine Shaw – Author of the Book – Get the Glow

Happy New Year. Wishing you a wonderful 2016!

It’s January. Most of us aren’t feeling our absolute best after all of the festive indulgence, and many of us will now be trying our best to get back on the healthy track…

Today I’m rewinding back two years to an interview with Nutritionist and Author of the book – Get the Glow – Madeleine Shaw.

A little bit about the lady herself:

Madeleine is a qualified Nutritional Health Coach from the Institute of  Integrative Nutrition.

She has worked with many celebrities and her book – ‘Get the Glow’ is a must have recipe book with great advice and a six week plan to follow……I cook from it a lot!

Here goes…..

My skin is looking particularly lacklustre and dull post Christmas. What foods would you recommend I eat to help me get my glow back?

Cold Water Fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines

Loaded with anti-inflammatory omega 3- fatty acids especially eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) these wonderful creatures can really help us glow.


Full of the super hydrating enzyme-filled water (hydration is key for youthful, smooth skin). It also contains vitamins B and C, zinc, iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and potassium. To top that off it has anti-inflammatory properties! This is why we put the chilled slices over our eyes.


This one is not something you find on most peoples plates….Raw sauerkraut is really rich with healthy probiotics. They are amazing as they encourage the growth of friendly gut bacteria. This helps keep your digestion intact, getting everything flowing in and out! They are loaded with B vitamins, which are super critical for energy and beauty overall.

I’m feeling tired and sluggish, what would be your top tips for helping me feel more energised and healthy?

Up your Protein

Protein release energy at a super slow rate, which prevents the fluctuations in blood sugar levels that sap energy! Make sure your getting eggs, fish, meat and yogurt in at least 2 of your meals each day!

Ditch the Sugar

Yes it gives you a quick hit of sugar, but that always follows with a hard crash…sugar drains your adrenal system which is your body’s greatest regulator of energy!

Grab some fish oils

 If you don’t eat enough fish you will be needing an omega 3 boost! Omega 3′s help the body to store glycogen which is the body’s primary source of stored fuel. You will absorb this best from food: oily fish and grass fed meat, but make sure you have some good quality fish oil or krill oil on hand for dodgy days.

Move your booty

Sounds like the worst thing to do when your tired right? But actually moving your body a few times a week will escalate your energy and tone your booty.

Hit the Sack

Pretty obvious one I know. We need to be sleeping! Good quality sleep in a dark cool room. Try and wind down before bed, leave your laptops and your phones off! Disconnect and allow your body to unwind!

Can you tell me your favourite foods for healthy skin from within?

Chia Seeds!

These incredible tiny seeds are totally gluten free, vegan friendly and are packed full of omega 3 fats, antioxidants and fibre. 

You can either get them in black or white. Note: This doesn’t change the nutrient content of them!

Here are 5 crazy reasons to get them in your diet….

  1. They contain: 5 times the amount of calcium that milk has.
  2. 3 times the amount of antioxidants that blueberries have.
  3. 3 times the amount of iron in spinach.
  4. 2 times the amount of fibre in oatmeal.
  5. 2 times the amount of protein of any other bean, seed or grain.
  6. 2 times the amount of potassium in a banana.

What’s the number one thing I should ditch from my diet to help my skin?

Sugar and Gluten

Although it’s preferable to eat all organic foods, it’s not possible for everyone’s budget. Which foods are the most important to eat organic if you had to prioritise?

  1. Apples
  2. Celery
  3. Peppers
  4. Pears
  5. Strawberries
  6. Grapes
  7. Spinach
  8. Lettuce
  9. Cucumbers
  10. Potatoes
  11. Green beans
  12. Kale
These contain the most pesticides. 
If you had one tip to recommend that people follow, what would that be?

Enjoy your food, be kind to your body, smile everyday!


To Botox or not to Botox….That is the Question

Hello lovely!

I hope all is well in your world and you’re feeling excited for Christmas now! I love Christmas but I also really love preparing for a new year of new possibilities, adventure and memory making…..do you feel that way?

Today is really just a chatty and very transparent post on the subject of Botox, forehead furrows, frown linesand what to do?

I’ve always had a furrowed forehead – when I raise my brows. I think I have quite an expressive face…it doesn’t lie. My skincare products and supplements help to a degree…but they can’t completely erase lines from continued expression, although the lines aren’t really visible when I’m not raising the brows and that I put down to using great products. My mum, who is 63 has only one tiny line about 1 inch wide on her forehead…how fabulous is that at 63?


So recently, as much as I’m all about natural rejuvenationNCN Pro SkincareRejuvenated supplementsRed Light therapy and Frownies…combined of course with a healthy diet and sleep when I can get it…I found myself being lured by Botox.


I have friends that use it and sometimes, just sometimes I have smooth forehead envy’ – actually I’m – mesmerised by the smoothness. Not a furrow in sight! Nor a raised brow or frown. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing really….. Do you get where I’m coming from?
I guess I’m on the fence about Botox. There are people that say it’s perfectly safe and it’s the best anti-ageing thing out there. I know of people in the industry that absolutely swear by it and wouldn’t be without their quarterly top up.


Then there’s the other side of the coin…the people who’s experiences I was reading about in an online forum. Headaches. Droopy eyelids. New lines where other muscles are overcompensating for the paralysed ones. A permanently surprised look…to highlight but a few.


I confess, I’ve used it twice before, but the last time was around four years ago. The first time was horrendous. I booked in with a man that had a salon in a hairdressers in London. His face was so frozen and unnatural – bless him. I asked him if he thought I needed it and he tried not to laugh too much as he said a big YES.

The next morning my eyes looked heavy and I literally couldn’t lift an eyebrow. My forehead felt like lead. I didn’t like it at all…what had I done?

I was in tears….

Eventually ‘lead head’ wore off and I started to like my smoother forehead. Did I look better? I don’t know. I looked ‘different‘ was what some people said.


This was all way before ‘Treat the Skin You’re in’.


The next time I had it was just before I got married. Yep, I’m botoxed on my wedding day…..Sshh – it’s a secret! However, it was very conservative Botox …I looked more fresh but was still able to raise my brows and show expression.

This time I loved it! I felt more confident. I felt more youthful. But why? I’d always had forehead furrows…for as long as I can remember. They’re a part of me. I guess I was getting to experience a brief insight to life with a ‘smooth forehead’ for £200. It lasted 6-8 weeks. Hmmm, that’s the downside of it when you love it…it wears off. Although a good thing if it hasn’t been a good experience.


So recently, on a whim, I booked in to have some B. Then as soon as I’d booked in and got all excited about the prospect of ‘smooth forehead’, I started to feel doubtful. Should I be doing this? Will it look good? Will I look weird? Is it really safe?


I cancelled. I felt relieved. Then I went back to plastering ‘Frownies‘ on my forehead every night – which by the way do work as they retrain the muscles over time whilst smoothing out the lines as you sleep…but explaining why my forehead is covered in what looks like masking tape, to my kids in the morning. Not easy.

I try very hard to be discreet about the things I do that are questionable, with regards to my daughter who is only 5. I don’t even want her to be thinking about such things at such a young and precious age.

I’ll teach her all she needs to know about looking after her skin as she grows up, and do my best to make sure she doesn’t make the mistakes I have.


After initial relief passed, I felt a bit disappointed that I’d cancelled. Disappointed not to be experiencing ‘smooth forehead’ – administered by a lady that is apparently a real pro at making women feel and look great.


I re-booked. This time I was going for it. Nothing was stopping me. I’m close to forty and now is the time to start. Bye-bye furrowed forehead!

Then the nagging voice in my head started again. Would it look good? weird? youthful? would my eyebrows be too high? would they be able to move? should I really be doing this?

A good friend and I were discussing it and she said “You don’t need it Katy“.


My husband thinks it’s all crazy. Botox. Fillers etc.

I cancelled again. And you know what? I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted, which tells me something. I might be lured by ‘smooth forehead’ but I wasn’t 100% sure about adopting it myself. I thought I wanted it but obviously not enough.


I listened to my intuition and doubts. I still have a touch of smooth forehead envy, even this morning…but I’m embracing my furrows with pride and sticking with the natural rejuvenation methods….for now. I’ll never say never though. I believe in ‘each to their own’ and applaud women for doing what makes them feel their best and most confident self.

Always listen to your inner voice. I’m a great believer.

P.s I’ve chosen to invest in a new, very natural and very fabulous rejuvenation tool that will support my skin health. There are hundreds of reviews that literally shout WOW about it. I’m super-excited to have made the investment, and when I get it and use it I’ll share more info with you! I like to share the love my friends.

What are your views on Botox? I’d love to hear from you.

Katy x








Supercharge Your Smoothie – for a More Vibrant You!


How are you? Are you feeling Christmassy just yet?

I’m writing this from my sofa. My favourite soft furry throw keeping me snug and the Christmas tree right opposite, lights twinkling away – far more appealing than my office today.

So, typically January will be when a lot of people decide to overhaul their diet and exercise regime. Feeling stuffed and lethargic from the excess food. Quite often rich foods, sugar laden treats and too much alcohol! Our bodies crying out for some TLC and much needed nurturing.

But what if we’re well prepared and can use some damage-limitation tricks to ensure that we feel great the whole way through December? And yes we can ramp it up a little in January, but really it’s a continuation of our good efforts.

Our gut health is the core of our health, and our health reflects in the appearance and state of our skin. With this in mind I’m going to introduce you to something that I recently discovered. I think it’s a fantastic product!

Green Vibrance is a green powder packed full of the good stuff we need. By having just a scoop of it daily it will give your lovely body a dose of – Plant Based Nutrition, Antioxidants, Immune Support, Fibre, Liver Support, Enzymes & Tonics, Probiotics, Skeletal Support & Adaptogens. Let’s be honest here. It’s Christmas. Even with the very best of intentions, most people (not all I know) will eat a little differently to usual and have a bit more (or a lot more) to drink. At least by adding something like Green Vibrance into your daily diet, you also have a lot of goodness going in to give your body some much needed support.

Green Vibrance came across my path whilst searching for a greens powder packed with superfoods. I basically wanted to supercharge my green smoothie – and ended up supercharging it a lot!

It’s an American brand, but available in the UK. They do a range of powders – Field of Greens, Maximum Vibrance, Rainbow Vibrance & Pure Green Protein.

It tastes…. well it’s hard to describe a taste isn’t it? If you’re familiar with green powders, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say ‘green‘ and ‘earthy‘. If you’re not familiar it may be an acquired taste, but to me it’s a good taste. It’s a ‘I know I’m doing something good here’. I know for a fact if I offered a sip to my mum, she’d be pulling faces and declining the drink. It’s personal taste. I like it best whizzed up with pear, avocado, cucumber, half a frozen banana, cinnamon and almond milk.

If you’re interested in supercharging your smoothie and feeling great before January – not a month afterwards.

You can find it here

Have a wonderful day!

Tips & Tricks To Get Your Skin Party Ready!

Hello gorgeous!

The Christmas lights are being turned on everywhere. There’s a Christmas vibe in the air and we’re only a few short weeks away. The LBD’s and sparkly numbers are headlining shop window displays…..but is your skin party ready?

No point popping on your best Christmas party outfit only to feel let down by skin not feeling or looking its best!

This post is basically a few simple tips and tricks that can help your skin feel gorgeous and look radiant and glowing. I will be using all of these tips myself!

Antioxidant boosting!
Feed your skin with an antioxidant overload. Think a purple or green smoothie blended with chia seeds for protein and hydration (chia seeds absorb and hold water). Purple smoothie – Beetroot, blueberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, blackberries. Green smoothie, cucumber (mostly made of water and contains silica), spinach, creamy avocado, spirulina…..Get adventurous with your smoothie concoctions. Use more veg than fruit to reduce the sugar content.

Hydration & Collagen in a glass
I love love love Collagen shots, H3O Hydration Drink and H3O Night Repair to ensure cellular hydration, skin plumping and more youthful looking skin. 10,000mg of marine extract collagen per shot as well as an abundance of vitamins and minerals ensure you look and feel your best. Ionic minerals ensure that your body is hydrated from within, so if you’re planning to drink alcohol, drinking this before you go out means you’re at a good starting point. Drinking water between alcoholic drinks really does make a world of difference too…..and popping a H3O Night Repair before bed – if you remember!

Hydrating Skincare
Using a hydrating serum such as DNA Serum or Multi-Active Peptide Matrixyl Serum 25% will give your skin a plumped up look and hydrated feel, as well as being antioxidant rich – essential for skin protection and repair.

Skin Radiance
A top tip I learned and LOVE. Before you apply your foundation or bb cream (I love Ginvera bb cream) apply a small amount of oil to your skin and blend your base with this. Seriously! This gives your skin the most radiant glow….especially under soft lighting at parties. It helps skin to feel more hydrated and moisturised all evening, which also helps to disguise those pesky fine lines. I use the NCN Corrective Face Oil Cocktail.

Pamper & Peel
Pre-party preparation absolutely has to include the 30% Pro Pumpkin Peel! Skin feels unbelievably smooth after this peel and makeup just glides on so easily. This peel will dissolve dead surface skin cells that dull the complexion. It also delivers over 100 beneficial nutrients to the skin in a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Expect clearer skin with a more even tone and reduced lines and wrinkles. I like to do this either the day before or in the morning before an evening event.

You’re party ready now!

Oh…..if you can (you really should) remove that makeup when you get in and apply something nourishing to the skin…whatever is to hand. It makes all the difference in the morning.


Maintaining your glow in the Autumn & Winter months

Hello beautiful!

I hope you’re well and enjoying your weekend.

Today is a post about how we can adjust our skincare routine to fit with the colder weather we’re now having.You may be finding that your skin feels a little more dry and dehydrated as the heating is on indoors and the temp has dropped outside. Do not worry because some simple adjustments can make all the difference to retaining that gorgeous glow!


I’ll go through some skincare product information and then add in some other tips that help me, and hopefully will help you too.

1. You may find switching to a cream cleanser, such as the Lemon Cream Cleanser or an oil based cleanser, such as the Corrective Face Oil Cocktail – used as a cleanser, or any other oil (I love grapeseed as it’s so light) will help your skin to feel softer and more hydrated.

2. If you’re not already using a serum, adding in one of the more hydrating NCN serums (or any hydrating serum you happen to love) will really help your skin to retain more moisture. A serum can penetrate down to the deeper layers of the skin. I personally reach for DNA Serum much more in the colder months as it is the most hydrating serum ever! The Multi-Active Peptide Matrixyl Serum is also like giving your skin a big drink!

3. Be sure to layer a cream or an oil over the top…..like a comfort blanket of protection, against the cold winds and the moisture-sucking central heating! I love the feel of Volu-Lift Cream on the skin….but to be honest, I reach for them all intermittently! No favourite because I couldn’t choose. Multi-Active Accelerator, All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream and the Corrective Face Oil Cocktail. They all make skin feel super nourished and protected.

4. Don’t be afraid to layer an oil. You may have a personal favourite oil to use. I use the NCN Corrective Face Oil Cocktail at night over the top of whatever else I’ve used. A few drops massaged into the skin feels like such a luxury. 8 organic plant oils feeding your skin with pure goodness….

5. Don’t drop the SPF Cream. Your skin still needs protection from UV rays, dark and dull or sunshine.

6. Exfoliate! All of the NCN cleansers will very gently exfoliate on a daily basis, but be sure to have a good exfoliate once or twice a week. This doesn’t mean scrubbing at your skin with harsh abrasive scrubs. Gently using a manual exfoliator – love the Microfibre Cloth….Simple and so effective! or using a cleansing and exfoliating tool such as a Clarisonic is also good for exfoliating away dead surface skin cells that can dull the complexion and leave it flaky and dry. The 30% Pro Pumpkin Peel is a fantastic treatment to use once or twice a month also. This peel dissolves the dead surface skin whilst delivering over 100 beneficial nutrients to the skin. Have your own personal pamper party at home.

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

7. Hydration from within is an absolute must. Increase your water consumption, even if it does feel like a chore, especially on cold days when a hot chocolate is more appealing or a cup of tea is more appealing.

8. Increase your consumption of vegetables, on your plate and through juices, smoothies and homemade soups.

9. Make sure that you’re getting enough essential fatty acids in your diet. These make such a difference to how your skin looks and feels. Think, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, avocado, fish such as salmon and mackerel. I also take an Omega 3 supplement to ensure I’m getting enough. I researched and found Krill Oil supplements with Astaxanthin and Omega 3 Triple Strength 1000mg, both from Simply Supplements. They make a real difference.

10. I love and recommend 3 products by Rejuvenated. Collagen Shots. H3O Hydration and H3O Night repair. This trio, either separately, or together as a triple whammy, ensure that skin is super-hydrated at the cellular level.

Mindfully making some simple changes or a little extra effort when it comes to diet will have you glowing like a goddess…..no red, dry, irritated or dehydrated skin here!

If you’d like more information regarding any of the Rejuvenated supplements please email us at info@treattheskinyourein.com

Oh and another thing that’s helping me. I upgraded my bobble bottle from a 500ml to a 1 Litre bottle. I’m definitely consuming more water from this small change!

I’ll be back soon.



The sunshine vitamin we need!

Hello lovely!

Today I’d like to talk about a supplement that I’ve taken in the past, and then after not taking it for a long time I’ve added it back in, especially now we are in autumn as I feel it is absolutely crucial and has made such a difference to how I feel. I’ve also noticed a difference in my skin!

I’m talking about the sunshine vitamin – vitamin D.

This is a vitamin that I could literally write pages and pages on through research. However, I’m just taking some snippets of information that I’ve sourced. I will pop links to the sources at the bottom of the page.

What is vitamin D?
Vitamin D is vital for overall health and wellness. It is essential for strong and healthy bones and is important in helping many other body parts function properly. These include the heart, lungs, muscles and brain.

The unique difference with vitamin D in comparison to other vitamins, is that our body can actually make vitamin D from sunlight. In fact it is said that all we need to make an ample amount daily is 15 – 20 minutes of sun exposure – without sunscreen. Vitamin D also comes in the form of supplements and we can obtain small amounts from food.

Food sources
Food sources include: Meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna are said to be very good sources.

Vitamin D deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency is serious. Apparently up to a quarter of the population is deficient in vitamin D. This has all kinds of health implications. Research suggests that as well as the risk of bone problems, not getting enough vitamin D could also be linked to diabetes, asthma, heart conditions, multiple sclerosis.

A lack of vitamin D has also been linked to depression and fatigue. Although results aren’t clear.

Whilst looking for a vitamin D supplement I read lots of reviews from people taking vitamin D supplements, many talked about having more energy and a lifted mood……..

My own personal experience
I also want to add something that I think is interesting, and it’s about my own experience with the sunshine vitamin.

Around a year ago I talked about how my skin condition – Keratosis Pilaris, had suddenly cleared up. I’d had this on my arms since being pregnant with my daughter 6 years ago ( I was told it was hormonal). Prior to that I had always had completely smooth arms. For those that aren’t sure of what I mean, it’s the skin condition that looks like chicken skin. Raised, red bumps with white heads. This is actually due to overproduction of the substance Keratin, a fibrous protein that makes up part of the skin. It was very bad at times and I was extremely self conscious about it.

When I spoke of it clearing up, I was taking Collagen Shots (I still am) and the supplement MSM (sulphur). When I was just taking Collagen Shots the condition had improved, however, I now believe it was the added addition of MSM that helped to clear it up completely, and I’ll explain why.

Fast forward a few months and MSM had fallen out of my routine consistently. I then realised that over time the Keratosis Pilaris had returned. I was annoyed with myself for letting MSM slip – it’s amazing stuff! However, back in July I headed off on a weeks holiday to Turkey (with my red bumpy arms). I enjoyed the sun – safely! It really does give you the feel good factor, doesn’t it?

Every morning I sat out for breakfast on a veranda, bright sunshine (SPF on my face but not my body). This was probably for a duration of around 40 minutes.

Fast forward to the end of the holiday and I had smooth arms once again! This really got me questioning vitamin D!

As a long-haul Air Stewardess for 11 years I spent most of my time in the sun and as I said before, my arms were clear. I never really believed it was hormonal when 2.5 years past the birth of my last child I still had it. I knew it must be an issue within that I just hadn’t figured out yet.

I can’t say that I’m 100% sure it is vitamin D alone that has helped to clear my arms. I recently made other dietary changes and added the MSM back in, as well as some other amazing supplements. But at the time of clear arms, post holiday, I hadn’t made those changes.

My conclusion is that I may well have been vitamin D deficient and obviously more so in the autumn/winter months. I’m religious about my facial SPF every morning and although I get outside every day I may not have been getting enough sun exposure on bare skin to make enough vitamin D.

I am now supplementing daily with vitamin D. I have to say that I definitely feel more energised and at ease knowing that as the days will get shorter and darker, I am making a conscious effort to cover my needs.

Whilst doing my research for a vitamin D supplement I knew that I wanted a potent strength of vitamin D3. I had also read that if taking vitamin D, it is wise to also supplement with vitamin K2 as they really work in synergy together. Obviously, I’m not a medical expert or a nutritionist, so I am taking the advice of others that are qualified in these areas.

I was very kindly sent my vitamins from www.simplysupplements.net

You can find the vitamin D here

Vitamin K2 here

Information sourced from www.vitamindcouncil.org, www.nhs.co.uk, and www.drkellyann.com

Now I’m signing  off and heading out for a midday walk, with a big dose of nourishing sunshine on this beautiful autumn day.

Chat soon!




The new All-In-One Anti-Aging Cream is coming…..

Hello gorgeous!

I hope all is well with you!

I covered this in my newsletter but I wanted to post a blog introducing you to the new product that is launching in the next couple of weeks. It’s absolutely amazing!!

It’s called All-In-One and it comes in the form of a cream. It contains some of the active ingredients from other products, but not all of them, and a lot of new ones too!

Who is it for?
It is aimed at the 45+ age group, however, I’m not 45 and I’ve been happily using it. It’s basically for anyone that wants to plump up the skin and fill out any lines and wrinkles whilst really nourishing the skin. It’s also ideal if you like a simple routine and don’t take much time in the bathroom – you know you’re giving your skin a great dose of antioxidants, hydrating ingredients, as well as active ingredients that will boost collagen and help to even out the tone of your skin.

An exciting new peptide!
There is an exciting new peptide in this product called Tetrapeptide-21. I’ve heard of this peptide as being in very expensive products favoured in Hollywood! Nanci always gets the best, most advanced actives and makes it affordable whilst making sure there are more than ample amounts in the products.

In NCN’s recent newsletter, Nanci said she has referred to this peptide before as “Matrixyl on steroids“. She also said that with makeup on she had some crepey wrinkles on the sides of her mouth that are now no longer visible. How fantastic is that?

Personally I just love the feel of All-In-One on my skin. It feels velvety soft and melts into the skin, leaving you with the most gorgeous glow. I can’t wait to see long-term results. It will also be amazing during the colder months when our heating is on and the outside temperature drops…..super nourishing food for the skin! Can you tell I’m just so excited about launching this!

Here are just a small picking of some of the ingredients in this cream…..just to give you a taster:




Alpha Lipoic acid
Teas: Green, Rooibos & White


Hyaluronic Acid
Aloe Vera


Argan Oil
Grapeseed Oil

Once we launch the full ingredients list will be available with all of the details of what each one will do to help with your skin’s health.

Watch this space…….



A Pre-Autumn Cleanse – The D9 Detox!

We’ve all heard of a ‘Detox‘. They come in all kinds of forms. Juice cleanse. Fasting. Detox soups. Eliminating certain food groups. The aim really is to ‘cleanse‘ the body of toxins so that you feel better overall and everything in your body is functioning at its best.

Other than a 5 day juice and smoothie cleanse that I did a couple of years ago, I’ve never done any other detox. Something, that actually now I’ve done one, I think some form of detox on a regular basis would be very beneficial. By regular I don’t mean weekly, or even monthly. But after periods of overindulgence perhaps – January being a popular time for many!

Goodbye morning coffee habit
I wouldn’t say I’d massively overindulged over the summer holidays, because really I try to always be mindful. Even when I am ‘indulging’, I’m doing it mindfully. But after a little break away to the British seaside town – Broadstairs, and some over indulgence of cake & gelato – it had to be done as we were baked a delicious cake by our lovely friend and there is also the most amazing ice-cream parlour in Broadstairs (if you happen to visit head to Morelli’s). I’d also found that my occasional morning coffee habit had somehow turned into a coffee every morning habit – which by the way never left me feeling great, just dehydrated with a slight headache. I knew I had to get back to feeling my best, and coffee had to become a once in a while thing again – not a daily habit. Sugar cravings had to go too. I know how much sugar damages collagen and ages you. I literally cringe inside whenever I do allow myself to have sugar!

Time for a cleanse!
I have talked about the company chia4UK before. It’s where I buy my chia seeds from and I have always been impressed with the price and quality. The man behind the company is Rob Black. Rob actually sells a number of super-foods and supplements. He is a wealth of knowledge and so helpful!

Enter D9!
I noticed that Rob had been talking about their new detox package D9. It’s a 9 day detox, sounds tough right? It really isn’t, I promise. You may have heard of the Clean9 detox by Forever Living. Similar in that it contains Aloe – which is very cleansing for the body. Similar in that it contains nutrient dense shakes and super-foods, such as Bee Pollen. However, the price is dramatically different and I think the D9 has an extra little touch that I really loved. It contained a bag of Pink Himalayan Salt. This was for the purpose of having detox baths and you can add it to your food. It’s actually hugely beneficial, so much so I think it deserves its very own blog post.

So I decided that I’d like to try it…..and I’m so glad that I did. Here’s what I was hoping for from the detox.

  • To feel less tired
  • To eliminate my coffee habit
  • To eliminate sugar cravings
  • To just feel ‘better’
  • To eliminate bloating and possibly lose a few pounds

Weight loss wasn’t my purpose with this, not that I wouldn’t be happy to lose a few pounds! However, if that is what you’re aiming for then it will happen as your body gets healthier. There are several reviews from people on the private Facebook support page, all of these people had great results. I did lose a few pounds and the bloated feeling has gone, but it did more important things than that in my eyes.

  • Since the detox I haven’t had one coffee, and I don’t even fancy one! I’m not suggesting that coffee is a bad thing for everyone. If it works well for you then great. It doesn’t work well as a daily habit for me. My first drink of the day is once again warm water with lemon and raw apple cider vinegar. Followed by green tea throughout the day, as always.
  • I’m not craving sugar. I think this is down to two factors – the detox, and I’ve been cooking little differently (more about that in this months newsletter so sign up if you haven’t already!).
  • I feel ‘cleaner’. Hard to explain really. I’m just glad that I did it. Toxins build up and obviously leave us feeling less than our best.
  • I slept better! My sleep often gets disturbed, but despite this I still slept better when I did sleep.
  • My eyes looked brighter and more clear, and my skin had more of a glow.
  • I’m just more back on the track that I like to be on, the one that makes me feel my healthiest. I’m also trying to exercise more, something that has a tendency to slide when things are so busy with work and home, yet something that is so vital! I bought myself a Fitbit and I love it…..more about that another time.

How did I feel during the detox?
I felt great during the detox. The first couple of days might be the hardest for some as you don’t have a proper meal, but you can have some fruit or raw veg if you feel the need. From day 3 you have 2 green shakes a day and a healthy meal, as well as your supplements. Day 3 I felt the worst I think. Very tired and low on energy, but it passed.

Do I recommend this detox?
Absolutely I recommend it! If you feel tired and sluggish. Bloated and as though you’d like to kick-start a healthier you and perhaps lose weight. If you feel that you have cravings you’d like to eliminate, and your body just isn’t running as efficiently as you’d like it to, this may be exactly what you need to feel amazing before we head into the colder months, when our immune systems can come under attack and we find ourselves susceptible to colds and other infections.

Below is a detailed list of exactly what the D9 detox contains and the details of where to buy it.

  • Organic Detox Super Mix Shake – Organic ingredients, Chia seeds. Wheatgrass powder. Barleygrass powder. Banana powder. Spirulina powder. Psyllium Husk. Bee pollen. Chlorella powder.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – to assist your metabolism naturally
  • Bee Pollen Capsules – I love that you can see the nutrient rich bee pollen grains through the clear capsule
  • Aloe Vera Powder in capsules
  • Organic Root Raw Maca in capsules
  • A bag of Pink Himalayan Salt – for detox baths and to add to food
  • A table of directions and advice to get the best from your detox

I’d just like to add here, if banana really isn’t your kind of flavour do not worry! It is so green I really couldn’t taste banana when blended with berries and almond milk. It turned the shake a gorgeous purple colour.

D9 is currently on offer for £40 and will be going back up to its full retail price of £60 in a couple of weeks.

You can find D9 here
Alternatively email Rob at contact@chia4uk.com

If you try it I’d love to hear your results!

Hyperpigmentation – What it is & How to Treat it!

Hyperpigmentation (brown spots/patches), may be something that you have noticed on your skin as you age. Something that can appear after the summer months if you’ve been exposed to the sun more than usual, or in fact at any time of the year, as a result of years of accumulative sun exposure.  As someone who has suffered with hyperpigmentation from my earlier years of sun exposure – with less regard to sun protection than I have now. I have experience in trying to combat the issue, and know what works well to erase these spots and give you a much more even complexion.

What is Hyperpigmentation?
Hyperpigmentation actually occurs when melanin (what gives our skin & hair its pigment) is overproduced in certain areas of the skin. Melanin is actually our skin’s way of protecting itself – a natural sunscreen, hence why we tan in the sun. However, too much sun exposure causes overproduction. The result being, darkened patches of skin that can be a light brown to almost black colour, varying in their size and shape, and flat.

There are different types of hyperpigmentation, here are some brief explanations:

The type caused by too much sun exposure. Often called age spots because typically you’d see an older person with these brown spots or marks, as they’ve had years of sun exposure. However, many younger people can suffer with hyperpigmentation if they’ve been exposed to the sun a lot or used sunbeds in the past. Often seen on the face, chest and hands – the 3 most exposed places.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. When the skin has suffered trauma, as it heals it leaves discolouration of the skin in that area. This could be marks left by acne, laser treatment or chemical peels.

Melasma. This is the result of hormones and can be caused by taking a contraceptive pill or can appear during pregnancy. It is for this reason that it is often referred to as ‘The mask of pregnancy’. With Melasma you tend to find that the darkened areas can be quite large and patchy, rather than the smaller spot like marks you see from sun exposure.

How can we treat it?
Hyperpigmentation can be complex to treat. It’s not simply a case of using one product to lighten it, and it will fade away easily. You really need to look at products that will protect the skin from UV exposure. Products that will treat and lighten the existing darkened areas, and also look at products that will exfoliate, helping to increase cell turnover whilst gently lifting away the dead dull surface cells.

There are also clinical treatments available to help, such as Lasers and Chemical peels. I have read a couple of interviews with Jennifer Aniston who is a huge fan of laser. She calls it laser porn! Getting rid of all the brown sun spots for a more even and youthful looking complexion!

Many of the NCN products on this site will certainly help to address hyperpigmentation and give you a more even and glowing complexion. I’m going to list 5 in my arsenal…actually 6! However it doesn’t mean you need all 6. I use these products for other benefits too.

Skin Brightening Lemon Cream Cleanser – This cleanser gently exfoliates the skin and is loaded with skin brightening actives. I reached straight for this when I returned from my holiday to Turkey. It brightened, lightened and made my skin tone much more even, and pretty fast. Love this!

Vitamin C+ Serum – This serum is super antioxidant rich, protecting the skin as well as repairing the skin. It will stimulate collagen production for a smoother, firmer skin complexion, but it also helps to fade darkened areas, leaving you with a much brighter complexion.

Formula 7. The big serious treatment for pigmentation! This contains 7 powerful actives that work hard to fade brown spots, darkened areas and melasma. It’s actually a unique product because it not only fades dark marks but inhibits UV radiation. This product not only treats the issue but also prevents photo aging of the skin. You can spot treat areas or use all over for a brighter, more even skin tone.

30% Pro Pumpkin Peel. This peel is an amazing ‘at home’ treatment that has so many benefits. A combination of glycolic, salicylic, lactic and fruit acids all work in synergy with organic pumpkin to exfoliate and nourish the skin. This peel dissolves dead surface skin cells whilst delivering over 100 beneficial nutrients to the skin. Used once or twice a month, this will help to fade away any marks and blemishes, leaving you with a glowing and healthy complexion.

All-Trans Retinol. Retinol is a fabulous product for really giving you a much healthier complexion. It is a derivative of vitamin A – essential for cell turnover and skin repair. It is wonderful for treating sun damage and you will wake up to a much smoother, plumper, and clearer complexion when you use this. The great thing with this product is that it is non-irritating. Of course there may be someone out there that finds it irritates their skin – we’re all different! But I’ve tried other retinol products in the past that have left my skin red, flaky and irritated (not a good look). This retinol is encapsulated and time released throughout the night, so much gentler to use despite its potency!

Last but by no means least. Use an SPF cream everyday. I currently use the UltraSun Anti-pigmentation 50+ cream. To stop pigmentation issues worsening, it is vital to protect your skin daily, this includes dark dull days, rainy days and cold days. UV rays are always present.

Below I have popped in links to all of the products listed above, should you wish to read more detailed information.


Lemon Cream Cleanser

Vitamin C+ Serum

Formula 7

30% Pro Pumpkin Peel

All-Trans Retinol

UltraSun Anti-Pigmentation 50+

Ageing Gracefully – 10 Tips for Retaining Radiance!

Ageing gracefully. What does it actually mean? It’s a term used so often and can mean something so different to everyone. I think, however, one aspect that might resonate with most, is that it’s about being the best version of yourself. Gracefully, for me implies, not chasing something that’s gone, but accepting the now!

As a woman, and a woman that is touching 40, I have seen and felt changes in my physical self. I continue to see changes, but every change now is subtle and gradual, thankfully!

Youth is wasted on the young

For those that are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll likely be familiar with ‘My Story’. If not here is a very quick brief. My twenties were years of partying, wild abandon, and ignorance towards preserving a more youthful complexion that I’d be grateful for in later years. Later years seemed a lifetime away!

In my early thirties I looked in the mirror and had a defining moment of “What have I done?” I felt as though I’d aged a decade or more overnight, and to put it quite frankly, I just wasn’t ready for it! Thankfully, I made huge changes to my lifestyle and educated myself on the very important subject of skin health. Gradually over time, my skin was restored to a healthier skin that didn’t make me want to completely avoid mirrors for the rest of my life.

Ageing gracefully, as I said earlier, can mean something different to everyone. One person’s level of acceptance is not another’s. There are extremes out there for sure, especially with the rise of cosmetic surgeries and the things that can be done to try and rewind the clock. Personally I think subtlety is the key. Whatever helps you to look fresh and radiant. Whatever helps you to feel good in yourself, because that confidence will shine out from within.

Be our own ‘Best Self’

It can certainly be difficult to not feel that pressure at times. We face enhanced images every day in magazines. We see celebrities that have access to more treatments, makeup artists, and to stylists that the average woman doesn’t have. Trying to strive for the same can be setting ourselves up for a fall. I believe that self-care, self-love and acceptance is key to ‘ageing gracefully’.

Sharing some tips!

As someone who now specialises in skincare and skin-health, I’d like to share some of my top tips for skin radiance. I personally understand how the state of our complexion can affect our confidence overall:

Always double cleanse. The first time to remove any makeup, sunscreen and pollution from the day. The second cleanse is to deeply cleanse your pores. This will help in keeping skin clear and smooth. It will also enhance absorption of your chosen skincare products so they are able to work to their full potential. Top tip! I always use organic, cold-pressed grapeseed oil for the first cleanse. Simply massage into the skin and then tissue off all of the dirt and makeup before then cleansing with your regular cleanser.

Invest in a serum. Look for one that contains antioxidants and potent hard-working actives such as, Retinol (a derivative of vitamin A), vitamin C & Matrixyl. A serum will penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin more easily and can transform a complexion.

Exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation removes the dead surface skin cells that can make a complexion appear dull and lifeless. Exfoliation also means skin is well primed to receive other skincare products and allows them to penetrate easily. Balance is key though! Too much exfoliation can have an adverse effect, 2-3 times a week is ideal.

Use a facial oil. An organic plant oil will really nourish your skin and give you a gorgeous glow, as well as plump, soft skin.

Wear a separate sunscreen daily. Not the one in your makeup as it won’t give you enough protection. Protect the health of your beautiful skin, whilst retaining a more youthful look.

Eat organic when you can. Eliminate processed foods and sugar. Sugar damages collagen and contributes towards premature ageing.

Exercise regularly. The blood flow helps to deliver vital nutrients that repair skin.

Hydration. Every morning upon waking drink a pint of warm water with lemon. This will hydrate the body after a night of rest. We wake up dehydrated and this gives us a good starting point, rather than diving straight into coffee, which will dehydrate you further. It is also cleansing for the digestive system and is a great boost of vital vitamin C.


Not skin related, but self-care tips I believe can make a woman feel great:

Find a good lipstick that suits your skin tone. It lifts the face and the mood!

Laugh with friends, a lot. It’s good for the soul. Stress is ageing!

Age gracefully on your own terms. Whatever they may be. Concentrate on self-care, good health and your skin-health – of course! And be your best, happy & glowing self!

If you’d like any help at all addressing skin concerns, or help selecting products that are right for you. Please email me at info@treattheskinyourein.com, and if you haven’t done it already then download your Free copy of 20 Top Tips, here


Turkish delights…..and not the sweet kind!

Hello lovely,

I hope you’re well!

I was actually away on holiday all of last week. I visited Turkey for the first time in 15 years. It seems crazy even saying that as it seems so much less!

It was as beautiful as I remembered. The people are so friendly and welcoming. I loved my daily ritual of a late afternoon/early evening walk by the sea. The bustling market or as it’s known in Turkey ‘Bazaar’. The food is delicious and so tasty……and the weather, well it got so hot! It actually got up to 40 degrees which was a little too hot for me. Every other day felt fine with a little breeze, but 40 degrees and no breeze, the inevitable prickly heat broke out on my arms.

Today’s post is really about the things I embraced whilst there that I knew would benefit my skin. The delights of Turkey that weren’t Turkish Delights (the sweet tasting jelly like substance).

We stayed in a hotel that was very much loved by Turkish people holidaying themselves. I took this as a very good sign!

Starting the day right
I loaded up on lots of delicious watermelon! Watermelon contains lycopene which helps to give protection against the sun. Also containing vitamin A & C which are needed for skin cell renewal & repair. Antioxidant rich which means protection against damaging free radicals, and watermelon is mostly water so a great start to the day with cellular hydration!

Boiled eggs were also a staple. Containing protein which is essential for the production of healthy new collagen. Eggs are a fantastic choice for healthy skin! They also help to keep you feeling full for longer.

Full fat natural yoghurt. I don’t eat too much dairy but I had a little of this daily sprinkled with cinnamon. Full fat is better than the nasty chemical laden ‘low fat’ versions. Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants which we need in abundance to protect our cells from free radical damage. The more antioxidants the better! It has anti-inflammatory properties. This is also important as inflammation can be incredibly ageing in the body. Cinnamon can also help to stabilise blood sugar levels.

A Visit to the Bazaar
On visiting the local market, which was huge! I was blown away by the abundance of the fresh produce and spices. I was literally in heaven! It seemed miles stretched out in front of me, of amazing fruits and vegetables. Really large and healthy looking produce! Colourful stalls of all different spices…bucket loads of turmeric. Mounds of almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds. People truly living off the land without all of the fancy packaging and cleanliness of a supermarket. I had to indulge myself. I bought a large bag of almonds to take back to the hotel as a daily snack. They were definitely larger than the almonds I usually buy, and so tasty.

Almonds are what I’d call a super-nut. Rich in protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin E (antioxidant), magnesium & calcium. They are a great snack for glowing skin, hair & strong nails. My nails grew incredibly in the space of a week and are so strong! I have to highlight here that they do grow fast since I have taken Collagen Shots, but this was super speed!

I found a juice bar on the beach!
On my daily walk I found a lovely shack type stall on the beach….and it had a Nutribullet! They had a whole array of super juices and smoothie concoctions. I was so impressed as I didn’t expect to see the bullet in Turkey. I’d almost considered packing my own too.

The Sea
That daily walk in the sun, at that time of day when the sun is starting to go down and it’s cooler. The sound of the sea and the view out to sea….that was definitely a Turkish delight for me. Exercise. A feeling of inner-calm and happiness. Relaxation. All essential for a balanced mind, body & spirit. No stress = happier skin.

We all need good sleep to look and feel our best. At night when we switch off our body gets to work on skin cell renewal and repair. Although I didn’t have really early nights, they were by no means very late. We were usually lights out by 11pm and the children slept later than usual as they were more tired from the heat and the busy days. This was the best sleep I have had in such a long time.

A true unexpected treasure!
Oh and I have to mention an amazing find! I’m truly upset that I can’t buy more! My hair was pretty dry and frazzled feeling all holiday. It needs some TLC anyway and the heat really wasn’t helping at all. I had noticed lots of olive oil products on the market stalls. Soaps, body creams, shampoo & conditioner. I just wasn’t sure if it would be that great as it was so cheap……On the last day I had run out of shampoo and conditioner, so in the local shop I had a look at what they had. The olive oil stuff was standing out to me because I could read on the front that it was paraben free. I was also lured by the promise of silky soft hair being nourished with the olive oil. It was the cheapest brand in the shop (so although lured, expectations weren’t high). Oh my word! I washed my hair before leaving for the airport and was just devastated that I hadn’t bought it at the start of the holiday. It left my hair so silky soft. I couldn’t stop touching my hair. It was about £5 for both bottles! I still have it and I’m rationing very carefully!

So these were my little delights of Turkey, and although these things aren’t all exclusive to that country, I guess I’m trying to highlight that you can always do your best to make good choices for your skin and for you, in most places you visit. It might not be your typical choice but embrace what’s there as you may find some real hidden treasures.

Oh and my absolute skin saviours whilst there….Vitamin C+ Serum daily with SPF 50+ Anti-pigmentation layered over the top, in the morning. In the evening I always used DNA Serum to help my skin feel hydrated after a day in the heat.

Are you going away? Do you have certain essentials you have to take with you?

I’d love to hear!



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