Bio Essence – Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25

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8 Benefits in 1. Concealer. Sun Block. Skin Repair. Moisturiser. Nourishment. Oil Control. Skin Whitening. Reduces Lines and Wrinkles.

Why Should I use it?

We believe that combining makeup with skin benefits is the way forward … The Bio-Essence BB Cream provides everything you need in coverage, a natural look that looks like ‘Your skin but better’. It feels amazing on the skin – Just hydrating and creamy enough without being greasy. It gives the skin a gorgeous healthy glow and it provides an SPF protection of factor 25. On top of all that it nourishes the skin with nutrients and minerals to improve the skin’s health long term.

How does it work?

A unique combination of ingredients go to work on the skin to improve its health, look and feel. This multi-effect blemish balm is blended with Bio-Energy Fluid, Titanium Dioxide, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Ginseng and Angelica. It combines the benefits of concealing, sun block, skin repair, moisturising, oil control, nourishment, reducing lines and wrinkles and helping to even out the skin tone …. All in one bottle!

When will I see and feel results?

You will notice the instant benefits with how it feels on the skin and improves the look of your skin, by helping to give your skin a natural flawless finish that radiates a gorgeous glow. Other long term benefits will come with consistent use of the BB Cream.

How do I use it?

As the final step in your skincare regime. Squeeze out an adequate amount of the product and apply it evenly on the face. You can apply with clean fingers or a brush.


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