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The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show-Part One

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well.

I’m sat in my lounge with the windows open, sipping on coconut water and right in my line of view I have a huge blossom tree. Spring is in the air still!! I’m in my happy place, laptop on my knee and about to write you a blog about something so exciting…..something that literally gives me goosebumps thinking about it……a show completely dedicated to anti-ageing, health, wellness and beauty. All of this under one roof. Talks, demonstrations, samples, tips and tricks.  A place to really indulge my obsessions and fill my head with knowledge!!! For those of you that have an interest in any of these things, or an obsession with these things (like me) this is just like being a child walking into the biggest sweet shop in the world!! I am SO excited!!! This is ‘The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show‘.

Let’s Pencil The Dates In Our Diary
Okay, the details…..When and where….It is on the 10th and 11th of May 2014. Olympia, Kensington, London. Time…10am until 7pm on Saturday. 10am until 6pm on the Sunday.

So as we venture into 2014 and into Spring and Summer, who’s up for a revamp? a chance to overhaul your lifestyle, your skincare routine, exercise routine? Who’s up for making this year about YOU? Would you like to feel and look your healthiest and most beautiful yet?? I know I certainly do!

A Makeover To Take Years Off
Here in this place are all the tools and advice you need right at your very fingertips. You can learn how to apply your make-up correctly to really enhance your features and make you look younger and your very best. There are professionals at the Cosmetics A La Carte stand that will help you look up to a decade younger….YES PLEASE! They can advise you on which products and textures will suit your skin type.

Seeds To Make Your Skin Glow
You can visit the Linwoods stand at The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show. Here they can talk to you about the benefits of different seeds and talk to you about promoting healthy skin from the inside out. As you know I totally believe in working from the inside out and feeding your body the correct nutrients. A lover of all seeds I personally can’t wait to visit the stand and bag myself some recipes and tips. Get your glow on with Chia seeds (I have some soaking in the fridge right now). Firm your skin with protein loaded hemp seeds, and hydrate your gorgeous skin with Flaxseeds which are full of those essential omega 3’s.

Imedeen LogoA Pill To Boost Collagen From Wthin
Another stand I’m so excited to visit is the Imedeen stand.  I’m a recent fan of Imedeen and think they’re a worthwhile investment for your skin. These youth boosting pills really work to boost collagen levels from the inside out and improve the moisture levels of the skin on our face and body (let’s not neglect the body). There are different supplements that are targeted for different age ranges and requirements. I personally take the Time Perfection. The Imedeen stand will be offering free skin consultations with a high-resolution ultrasound dermascan machine. As I said in my earlier post, Jane Cunningham (British Beauty Blogger) swears by Imedeen and they increased her collagen levels by a whopping 43%. Celebrity fans include Jessica Biel and Naomi Campbell.

Let’s Not Forget Our Body
However it’s not all about the face. We need to focus our attention on our body also, after all we only have one body to live in so it pays to serve it well. Fancy learning some natural tips to help fight the body ageing? Perhaps a visit to organic expert Dr Mariano Spiezia could be for you…he will be sharing some great advice on beating body ageing in a natural way. A couple of his tips for you as a taster include:

Upon waking, drink a pint of water at room temperature with a few drops of lemon juice to flush out toxins from the tissues, reinforce the body and cleanse your system, leading to healthier skin all over.

When the skin lacks oxygen it looks tired and lacklustre. Take a brisk 15 minute walk daily and get some time out to concentrate on breathing throughout the day.

I’m loving the tips already…more please!

Tighten Up Sagging Skin

show-olympiaOr perhaps you’d love to learn about a treatment known as Endymed….Endymed I hear you say?! This treatment uses radiofrequency to penetrate deep into the skin. It uses controlled and targeted heat to tighten loose and sagging skin. Cosmetic physician Dr Sach Mohan will be at The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show to demonstrate this procedure and answer any questions that you may have.

Foot MOT Anyone?
Another stand I know I need to visit is the Sole Mates stand. Let’s be completely honest here. Who has pretty pedicures to make their feet lovely looking? especially once the weather turns and we have them on display more. I actually admit that I haven’t even done this in recent times and I for one do neglect my poor feet! But let’s take a moment to think about the internal health of our feet, something we probably rarely consider. Our feet serve us well and we need to give them an MOT just as we do our car. Here are a couple of  tasters of feet issues:

Cold feet. This could mean a poor diet and bad lifestyle habits such as smoking, which can impair circulation to the legs and feet leaving us feeling cold.

Pain in the arch. Most shoes are designed with a flat inner sole, which results in your entire weight bearing down on your instep. This can cause tiny tears in the thick, fibrous band of tissue that reaches from the heel to the toes-the area that supports the muscles and arch of the foot.

Food for thought hey…

Beautiful Hands To Exude Elegance And Femininity
I’m just looking at my hands and nails whilst I’m typing as I’m reading about another goodie I’m excited to learn about.  There is a stand about nail love! and no I don’t mean a manicure exactly. There is a stand hosted by Dr Lewinn. Dr Lewinn has an award winning product known as Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Nail Strengthener. This comes fortified with diamond dust (a girls best friend) to support the nail matrix, pearl extract to strengthen keratin, and calcium for added protection. Apparently our nails deteriorate as we grow older. They can become brittle and discolored and the rate of growth can slow down. I’m there at Dr Lewinn’s stand already!

Fab After Fifty (And Before)
Last but by no means least let’s talk about the fabulous 50’s and over. I’m not quite at 40 yet, but I am certainly interested to know what I can do to help myself as I mature. I will hopefully be taking my Mum along too and I’m sure she’d love to get some insider beauty tips to feel her best at her age.

A Shot Of Collagen As A NightCap
It seems we can sip our way to younger skin with the drink known as Collagen Shots. I’ve been hearing the buzz about these drinks for a while now and being the eager beaver that I am I really want to try them out myself. Berry flavoured mmmmmm, loaded with marine collagen, acai  berry, vitamins C and B, plus hydrating hyaluronic acid to plump skin, smooth lines and slow down the signs of ageing. Sounds like heaven in a glass to me. Apparently collagen levels can decline by as much as 30% by the age of 45. Let’s get taking our Imedeen and sipping our Collagen Shots I say. Cheers!






 Lustrous Locks
As we age our hair also can become thinner and change in texture. Did you know though, there is a magic oil known as Kanta Krupa Natural Hair Therapy. This Eastern inspired oil designed to promote growth and leave hair strands looking fuller. Lustrous hair can be ours by simply massaging this oil into our hair and scalp twice a week..

Pearly Whites-Yes Please
Also attending The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show are dental experts from Dawood and Tanner Dental Practice. They can help to improve the look of our teeth to take years off our face. Let’s face it, who wants yellow teeth and receding gums adding on the years. A lover of white and straight teeth myself, I will be making my way over to the stand. I think I may need to attend on both days at this rate.

Cosmetic Surgery
Perhaps cosmetic surgery is your thing. There will be a number of experts in this field speaking at the show, including Cosmetic doctor Tracy Mountford. She recommends 5 essential questions to ask your practitioner. Here are a couple to give you a taste……you can find out the rest at the show:

Are they General Medical Council registered?

Ask about the the qualifications, training and number of years in practice.

How About A Hormone Check?
And to round this off nicely how about a visit to expert Marion Gluck to find out more about getting your hormones checked. Menopause can trigger a whole host of beauty issues such as thinning hair (thank goodness for the oil) dry skin (Flaxseeds) and a lack of elasticity (Imedeen). Hang on though, there is also something else to help with these issues, phew! Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. This involves the use of plant-derived hormones that are chemically identical to those produced by the body…..interesting indeed and the more natural the better.

I think it’s important for us to feel good whatever our age, and looking the best we can also in turn makes us feel better and happier too.

Health, wellness, anti-ageing and beauty are all so interlinked and I know that I want to feel the very best that I can and look the very best that I can as I move forward in life. I still feel twenty in my head, but obviously I am noticing the signs of ageing and I want to do it armed with knowledge and power to do it in style and gracefully.

I am on a serious countdown to May now!! Who’s coming with me? mini bus? large bus?

For my readers I have a special code for you that allows you to buy 2 standard tickets for the price of 1. You pay £9 instead of £18. Standard entitlements are an official show guide and a free goody bag. For my European readers, I definitely think this could be worth a trip over to the UK for you…Perhaps a nice indulgent weekend in London.

A standard weekend pass is £29. Standard weekend pass entitlements are an official show guide and a free goody bag plus unlimited entry to the show.

There is also the chance to purchase a VIP package for just £85 instead of £95…Go on you know you deserve it. VIP tickets include an official show guide, fast track entry, choice of a luxury Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Treatment, personal skin analysis from The Cosmetic Imaging Studio, a complimentary glass of Champagne, access to VIP lounge and a fabulous goody bag worth over £80. What a wonderful package and well worth treating yourself or a loved one to if possible.

To claim your tickets, simply visit or if you’d prefer you can call 0844 209 7323 and quote promotional code ‘star’. The closing date for this offer is 10/05/14.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this fabulous up and coming show and I look forward to seeing you there.
As I’m signing off from this blog there is exactly 1 Month, 28 Days, 00 Hours, 46 Minutes and 04 Seconds until the doors open. I’ll be back next next month with another countdown and some more sneaky peeks into what’s going to be happening. If you happen to be on twitter and you’d like more updates you can follow the show @AntiAgeingShow.



5 Responses to The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show-Part One

  1. Hannah green / Reply

    March 17, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Another lovely blog Katy. Me and my lovely mum are going to go to the anti ageing show!!! Looks amazing!!! I can’t wait!!! So many exciting things to see and do!!! Xxxxxx

  2. Lou / Reply

    March 14, 2014 at 9:18 am

    Oh what a shame this so far away oam in lincolnshire !! Altho iam not bad at my makeup, iam at total loss with my skin. Iam 34 n have bad scars, freckles, open pores, facial hair, theres not alot good with my skin! 50year old ladies have better skin! I spent a fortune over the last 10yrs on professional skincare and facials ect! Eat healthy! Id be relly suprized if they could give me a solution other than buying more expensive creams!

    • katyhull / Reply

      March 15, 2014 at 8:12 pm

      Hi Lou, I’m sorry to hear you feel like that about your skin. I wasn’t happy with my skin either a few years back until I found NCN products. Take a read of ‘Our Story’ which you can find at the top of the home page. If you need any advice I’d be more than happy to try and help you out and get you into a happier skin place. My email address is

  3. Sweetest Voice / Reply

    March 14, 2014 at 7:44 am

    Sounds fab, Katy! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you return x

    • katyhull / Reply

      March 14, 2014 at 7:51 am

      Come along Sweetest Voice? X

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