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NCN Calm Rosacea Serum

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Why Should I use NCN Calm Rosacea Serum?

If you have sensitive skin and you’re serious about good skincare products – then you need to have this Calm Rosacea Serum on your shelf and part of your routine.

The Calm Rosacea Serum has some very special and specific benefits:

  1. It’s effective for a range of sensitive skin conditions – especially Rosacea
  2. Calms and soothes skin
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  5. Prevents and heals Rosacea acne
  6. Reduces redness and prevents flare-ups
  7. Anti-oxidant and helps firm skin

Plus, you won’t find a better anti-ageing serum designed specially for sensitive skin.

What’s in it and how does it work?

This is packed with several very impressive, proven skin calming and anti-ageing active ingredients

Organic Aloe Vera
The ultimate ingredient for soothing skin and helping to both repair and heal.  Aloe Vera contains 6 antiseptic agents, killing bacteria and fungi which cause or worsen Rosacea symptoms.  It is an excellent skin moisturiser that keeps skin flexible. This in turn increases the strength and synthesis of skin tissue.  Aloe nourishes the skin with Vitamin E and C, lightens dark spots on the face and reduces the intensity of pigmentation.

AcNet is a holistic treatment derived from Olives that both prevents and heals all types of acne – including Rosacea. It’s great at controlling bacterial growth and has been shown to reduce inflammation by up to 72%

Organic Green Tea Leaf Extract
Green tea has strong anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  It’s effective for Rosacea and sensitive skin as it helps reduce sun sensitivity.  It also cleverly stops the breakdown and disruption of the body’s protective skin barrier, which is exactly what Rosacea sufferers need to preserve.

Organic Calendula
One of the most highly revered natural medicines for treating areas of inflammation.  Calendula has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is a fantastic natural antiseptic.  It has the ability to literally wipe out bacteria that is often caught inside skin pores.  What’s more, Calendula contains carotene, iodine and manganese all of which add to the cell regeneration capabilities and the stimulation of natural skin restoration.

A wonder ingredient, that relieves dryness, smooths skin texture and evens skin tone.  It thickens skin, stimulates elastin production and collagen synthesis and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

You’ll also find Oat Beta Extract, Allantoin, Centella Asiatica, Niacinamide, Geranium Essential Oil and Optiphen. You can see the full list of ingredients in the tab up above.

Who can use it?

Although this serum is specifically formulated for those that suffer with Rosacea – it’s ideal for anyone with sensitive skin that wants to calm any visible effects and sooth their symptoms

When will I see results?

You should notice the soothing impact the serum pretty quickly. The anti-ageing effects will become more apparent after a few weeks

How to use Calm Rosacea Serum

This should be the first product you apply after you have cleansed your skin.  Ideally you will use it both morning and night.

If you are using NCN Copper Peptide Serum then ideally you should be using that before the Calm Rosacea Serum.

You should try this with..

A good cleanser before this serum is essential. You should try the Multi-Acid Cleansing Gel  it’s recommended for all skin types and will gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin

1 review for NCN Calm Rosacea Serum

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought the sample size of this for my tool kit, just in case I needed it. I don’t suffer from rosacea as such, my skin is usually calm and balanced. But recently I accidentally over exfoliated in the bath and came out with a red irritated face, not a good look at all. I used this and my skin started to calm down instantly, it was back to normal in less than an hour. On top of that, it was smooth, firm and clear. I know where to go if I ever make that mistake again. Good product.

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