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Ultrasun SPF50+ Face Cream

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Why should I use Ultrasun SPF30 Face Cream?
It’s clinically proven that exposure to the sun is a key cause of ageing skin.  It may take many years for the impact to fully show, but the effects will show up eventually.  Wearing sun cream with SPF30 or above on a daily basis, whether it’s clear blue skies or cloudy,  is essential to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

So what benefits does Ultrasun face cream have:

1)    Advanced combination of UVA and UVB protection with powerful antioxidants

2)    Helps restore optimal moisture levels and reduces the appearance of wrinkles

3)    Fast absorbing, lightweight non-sticky and non-greasy texture

4)    Absolutely No Perfume, No Emulsifiers and No Preservatives

5)    Comes in an ‘airless’ dispenser enabling you to use 100% of the product inside

6)   Once a day application to give you protection for your allotted sun account time (see below)

Plus it’s water resistant so won’t lose it’s protection with a bit a sweat.

Sticking to your personal sun account exposure time

Even with good sun cream on, your skin type determines how long you can spend in the sun without causing damage.  Ultrasun have devised a sun account which gives a guideline on how long you can spend in the sun with this SPF30 cream on.  Just pick the skin type that is the closest match for you and look at the maximum recommended exposure time depending on the weather.

SPF30 Sun Account


Who can use it?
This can and should be used by absolutely everyone.  It’s excellent for those with very sensitive skin.

Even sun protection with a high SPF does not grant full protection from the sun and you should try to avoid the extremes of the midday sun.

How to use Ultrasun SPF30 Face Cream
It should be used on a daily basis and applied in the morning at least 30 minutes before sun exposure – any less will radically reduce the protection effect.

If you are applying other products these should go on first and be allowed to fully absorb and dry before then applying Ultrasun.

Generally one application is sufficient for the day – but consider applying more after excessive sweating or swimming.

Apply fairly generously to your face, décolleté and hands.

You should try this with…
Ultrasun SPF30 Face Cream works great with all the NCN product range but especially essential if you are using the All Trans Retinol serum.


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